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A review of the Trinidad Reyes. Truly is the "King" for me in this format.

Out of the box (OUS ABR 09)- They look stunning in the box. Picking one up, these little kings usually have very tiny veins, smooth wrapper, slightly oily sheen. Pig tail on these are always nicely done. It's like all the rollers who roll these Trini Reyes have OCD or something cause they all look beautiful.

First third: Sweet tobacco flavors with some grassiness to it and I taste slightly sweet caramel as well. Little spicy through the nose. Definitely has body for a little guy.

Second third: Grassiness subsides, more sweet flavors of tobacco and rich, dark bitter-sweet capuccino-like flavors. Very smooth smoke. Finish is clean. Retrohale is without any spice and a dark, heavy sweetness is what I sense.

Last third: Strong toasty and sweet tobacco flavors with dark coffee flavors. The flavors in the last third are more robust.

The end: I feel very satisfied and full at the very end of a Trini Reyes. Like eating a fat juicy steak.






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Great review and great photos :D ... Trini Reyes (and the Parti Shorts) tend to be the most addictive half coronas. In my limited experience, they seem to be more consistent and flavourful than the Cohiba Siglo I's.

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I experienced my first Trini Reyes yesterday. wow what a smoke. i didnt get the grassiness that you got but i definately got the coffee and spice notes. very easy draw and such a smooth smoke. great half corona. they look absolutely gorgeous in the box. well worth there weight in gold.

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Nice review, thanks, I really enjoyed these when a I had a couple boxes. Haven't had any in the humi for a couple of years so might have to change that.

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