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After a back breaking week of work Friday finally came. That meant it was game night and my Blue Bombers were taking on the Toronto Argo's.

I started the night off with a cigar I picked up from my local merchant earlier in the day. After mulling over my options for about 30 minutes in the walk in humidor I finally went with a Por Larranaga Petit Corona. I have had a few singles of these recently and have been impressed. Seriously contemplating buying a box.

Construction - seem good. Some of these that I have had seem to suffer from tight rolling, but this one seemed good. An odd dark very noticable piece of wrapper that seemed out of place but otherwise good

Pre-Draw - Good. Shouldn't be any problems.

Inital light - smooth draw and a light tobacco taste

First 1/3 - really good draw and a hint of sweetness. Pairing really will with my double Gin and Tonic.

Second 1/3 - Sweetness develops a bit more. Still light tobacco coming through the most but really enjoyable, with a slight hint of fruitness. Perfect on a hot afternoon with a refreshing drink.

Third 1/3 - Light tobacco is replaced with a heavier sweetness. A bit of caramel and woodyness. Great finish.

Great smoke. Will definately get a box of these soon (or otherwise put, find me a HQ box and my name is all over it!) Too bad my team didn't fare better. We lost to the Argo's in a game we took too lightly and didn't play good defence. The highlight of the game was the beer cup snake. You have to be impressed by this:

If you look closely enough you can see me in my #1 jersey.

Overall good evening!


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A great Cigar that never fails to impress buying a box would certainly not be a bad investment :D

Cheers OZ :)

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