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Gday all,

I've enjoyed a handful of these and whilst they have been good I think they are a shade or two below their big bro the RASS robusto. Prefer to go a party short or something slightly bigger like a PC. However, this one was good and made a good lunchtime smoke in cold weather. touch over medium bodied and good smoke volume.

07 from czars singles selection.

It had the RASS flavour profile of a 'dry' and leathery/barnyard.

Sorry for no photos, my camera is still stuffed. but, appearance...

It looked attractive with an orangey brown wrapper with an oily sheen and a criss cross of small veins, a patchwork raher than 2 or 3 big ones. I've found a lot of czar cigars have this vein structure, i dont know if smithy and rob look for this but i think it makes for a good smoke, maybe its somethin to do with the growth of the leaf, i dot know, just something ive noticed..lol, anyyyway

initial- leather and wood in the background.

-parika spice and dry chilli flakes.

white pepper through the nose.

1st - bit of capsicum, concrete mix aftertaste and still woody in the background.

- dry hay

2nd - dry hay and dry leather, yeasty and creamy through the nose.

- reminds me of the woody cream of an h upmann PC

- hints of a meaty leather in the exhale which i find to be a feature of the RASS.

last 3rd - reasonably one dimensional, similar flavours, more straight tobacco.

overall rating - good honest smoke, havent had a cigar in a week or so, just what i was looking for.

points score - for mine, an 87/88 smoke

Thanks for reading :-)

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Thanks for sharing the review. After reading the other RASCC review, it gives me more faith to give them a go.

definitely worth a try bro!

thanks for the replies :-)

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