Your nomination for Cigar of October?

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On Halloween evening, I revisited and HQ ERDM CS that was bought back in Feb. This cigars was outstanding!! A sign of good things to come in future months and a sign that even a few months of age can do a cigar a world of good!!

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These are stone fruits (I have never seen it spelled the way you spell it and can't find a "stonefruit" anywhere in google):

jujube, mango, olive, most palms (including date, coconut and oil palms), and all members of the genus Prunus: apricot, cherry, damson, nectarine, peach, and plum.

I have smoked more than 200 Magnum 50's. I get a little fruitiness, I guess, now that you mention it. But, I get mostly the trademark Upmann rich, toasted tobacco. Straightforward tobacco.

I think the "stonefruit" spelling is just a common combination.

I get the stonefruit aspects in leaps and bounds in my Magnum 46's. And, when I think of stonefruit (a term that we don't actually really use in Canada), and what I believe Ken and Rob and others are referring to, I believe its the nectarines/peaches/plums/apricots aspects. Olive is not a "fruity" taste, IMO, even if it's termed a technical "stone fruit". My thoughts, anyways.

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I would easily say the PL Asia Re (07s). It was gifted to me and half way thru I was already ordering a box. Absolutely fantastic cigar that is already aging well and shows even more potential. Taking every thing I have to keep out of the new box right now.

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The best cigar I smoked in October was a Punch Churchill from 1998. More receent prodcution would be a toss up between a 2008 PLPC and a 2009 Monte 2.

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