CRW Review: Montecristo Open Eagle

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Date Reviewed: Nov 4 2010 7pm est

Place: My back deck. Weather is a nice 9C. No wind. Somewhat quiet for thursday night in midtown Toronto

Drink Paired with: Balvenie Double Wood 12YO Scotch. (with a drop of distilled water)

Background. I bought this cigar around Sep 2009 and have had it in my humidor since then. It's been stored at

around 68/67 give or take 2 points in eithher direction. I picked up two singles. One for me, one for a friend. Therefore, I have no clue on box date. So consider this my official entry for the little review contest.

Pre Light Observations

Appearance: Beautiful looking cigar. Nice colorado wrapper color. Excellent construction

Aroma: Beautiful tobacco aroma, leather, some cedar.

Cold draw seems a bit tight.

Now on to the review. Like my previous review. If you see a comma, assumed I've just taken a puff or two and jotted down either a tasting note, or a general thought.

Now, on to it.

1st third

Initial draw is somewhat tight. flavours seem mild nice creamy smoke, muted flavour...some cedar/oak. light earthy taste, improved draw. Scotch overpowers cigar flavours in the mouth. perhaps a dry champagne wouldve been better? burn looks good so far, slow burn though, cool burning cigar..think its out but a puff comes through nicely and smoke rewards nicely, bitter note followed by anise, dry walnut, cedar leather notes, draw a bit above medium, dry flavours in mouth, dry walnut, cardboard, light peppper, citrus

peel, earthy notes, dryness, nice burn, sweet and sour taste, ash fell off cleanly after 1 inch. 1st 3rd not very impressive thus far, leather, cool to the touch. burn going askew, wood flavour, walnut and anise (again!),





2nd Third

some pepper/bitterness, leather, dry walnut, some cedar and leather, my Doublewood Scotch is usually smooth, seems to have some bitterness with this cigar!!, bland dryness out of last three draws, dry bland tobacco tastes, hint of pepper, more leather throughout, I like that taste but this is a muted version of it, getting chillier out here, going to soldier on through to the "bitter"? end,

at least bitter would be a flavour!!, more leather, lots of creamy smoke to its credit, more leather, burn slight askew, but not terrible, been about 40 mins hasnt changed much. anise is the standout flavour, dammit more leather again!, I wash my mouth out with some Scotch to see if my tastebuds are still alive, leather with some tobacco, 40 degree angle burn,tiny hint of coffee bean, back to leather

taste, only milder, leather again, cedar, leather, bitter coffee note on a retrohale, second 3rd almost done, leather and bone dry walnut, an improvement?, If I were new to Habanos and this was my first, i'd probably not buy another one based on what this cigar is giving me, this is less challenging than a $3 pardron 2000!!, new puff, old taste, some dry leather again. leatherface returns!! the cuban cigar masssacre!!, i let some Scotch sit on my tongue to check if im stlll alive, getting colder outside, I'm saddened that this might be my last cigar of the season, my cigar buddy "ebhead" moved into a non smoking condo so i cant evenn go there for a few winter

smokes!! and im sure as hell not sitting on his balcony on the 27th floor overlooking the lake!




3rd Third

OK nearing the merciful end, not a terrible smoke but so bland, jeez more muted leather, leather, slight anise taste again, my glass of

Scotch is empty, too frozen to go back in to refill, maybe ill build an igloo in my backyard? hmm leather and paper, bonus!, :idea: some coffee on the finish, still lots of smoke, its been an hour so far, pretty boring ride, like being in the Canadian prairies, wake me when we get to the mountains <_< , hmm paper is the new taste profile going forward!? might have to bail early, paper, more blandness, a bit of coffee grounds halfway through the 3rd third, a few more puffs, nothing too promising to make me want to continue, this cigar is going to take a dirt nap soon.




Putting the "boots" to this dud of a cigar.


The final resting spot for this rather unspectacular cigar. My only consolation is that I do not have any more of these to smoke.


Final thoughts.

For such a beautiful looking cigar, the Montecristo Open Eagle really failed to deliver an enjoyable smoking experience. I've had the Open Junior and found it to be rather tasty for a small cigar. I was expecting more from this. I've been smoking cigars for three years and my palate while still in development, knows what it wants. I don't want an overly strong cigar, but I do want one that has rich flavours, with some punch now and then. A good cigar should take you on a taste journey. The Montecristo Open Eagle barely left the station. Prez, you asked for someone to review an Monty Open, so here it is. I took one for the team. Habanos SA dropped the ball on this one. The only redeeming quality was the taste of anise now and then. Otherwise, pass these up.

My rating: 70 :party:


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Thanks for the feedback folks. That's the last "Open" I'm smoking.

Its funny, I went to Italy this past September. On the way back, I stopped into the Rome airport duty free. In the cigar section, there were a lot of Monty Open boxes. Most other brands listed were either sold out or down to a few 5 packs or boxes. They must be disliked internationally too? :2thumbs:

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Many thanks for the review, Frank.

I enjoyed it much more than you enjoyed the cigar.

The tombstone is too beautiful for words.

Well done!

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Thanks for the review - sorry you had to do it :stir:

I've considered trying a couple from this line, but haven't gotten around to it. And though, for lack of a better way to express it, I care less

and less about the name on the band, I was wondering...

Do members care either way that these cigars wear a Montecristo band? I know we have some members who enjoy them, which is great - just curious.

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