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Today I'm going to share with you my time spent with a Vegas Robaina, Famosos on a Saturday morning.


I woke up early enough as to not wake rest of the house which is an accomplishment by itself. I toast some bread which I lightly added some butter onto, poured some dark french roast coffee grab the morning paper and head outside accompanied with my VR Famosos with a box code of LPM JUN-08. These have been resting in my humidor for around 4 months and up to this time I have not been impressed with what I've had. I knew it just needed time, so let's see if time it's had.


The first thing I noticed his how the box has seemed to come alive. Much more aroma and oil on the sticks than before. The "next guy in line" I choose had a dark brown wrapper like a wet paper bag. Sprinkles of dark spots pepper the wrapper. Aroma at this point is leather, draw provides a cool cedar finish.


This cigar lived up to it's early expectations. While not extremely complex, several reoccurring flavors seemed to rotate in and out of leadership. Leather, cedar, and bold coca blended beautifully. What makes me say they blended together beautifully was the smoothness. There's no rough edges in this cigars flavors, only deep richness and fullness which leads me to believe there's some high quality tobacco inside.


I really enjoyed this cigar and had no dislikes with it. It paired perfect with the toast & butter and dark roast coffee. The finish was very smooth and medium in strength coating my mouth with a pleasant smoked coffee bean aftertaste. It produced a good amount of smoke and the ash held together well. The amount of flavor in body and finish this cigar delivers makes it a true Habano. The smoothness of flavors, the rough edges taken off, and deep richness make it a Vegas Robaina Famosos.


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Thanks for the review and pics bro. I purchased a five pack yesterday and according to my local tobacconist this pack had some age on it (he wasn't sure how old though). I smoked one of the famosos and loved it. I remember smoking this Marca a while back (once) and hated it. It seems that the general consent is that they need age

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I have 2 boxes of these in my humidor and in my opinion it is a great cigar. The one box I am smoking is dated Sep09, and it is smooth, very full flavored with lots of coffee and chocolate notes and a bit of cream. Love 'em!!

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Ok, smoked one on New Years and I gotta tell ya THIS WAS DA BOMB!! WOW what an incredible smoke! Alot of flavors, very rich and very tasty! If you haven't had one ....get one now! This was a very young one but it was very nice.

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I have experienced consistency problems with the Famsoso regarding flavor. Guess it's not much different from all Habanos. But when they're on it's something special.

Very true. With Habanos you are either going to love it or not be too inpressed with it. But you wont hate it!!! :lookaround:

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