Cigar Review - Interview with Ramses

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Half and hour to 45 minutes for a corona gorda! :o

Seriously! A Corona Gorda usually takes me an hour and a half, maybe hour 15 at least. :peace::o

Great interview though Pres. I look forward to the rest.

Oh and good editing Smithy. Too bad you can't cut out that airplane...

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Great interview and very interesting conversation. I look forward to the other parts.

Did you record video of Ramses rolling?

We do have some film of Ramses rolling which we hope to have to hand to post next week

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'good quality Seco is where the magic comes from' - I couldn't agree more. I prefer a flavorful cigar over a strong one any time!

This part of the interview reminded me of what I was thinking when visiting Cuba: Talking to Cubans in comparison to many vendors I know is like talking to the chef about the food instead of having the waiter giving you information about it. It's just not the same. Rob, you of course, are one of those positive exceptions. :P

Sharing interviews like this is sharing very valuable thoughts and info! Thanks again.

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the whole "roller doesn't know what type of cigar he's rolling" thing is classic industrial production. (would they notice if someone asked them to roll Model T Fords? ha ha).

I wonder how much improvement in quality there would be (if any at all), if rollers/factories were dedicated to one or two brands each.

Do they have Stakhanov type prizes for best factory of the year as judged by quality control?

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You guys have picked me some cracker boxes. I mean the aroma is SO pungent. Would you say that's mostly high quality seco that Im smelling? I have some boxes with oily wrappers but not much aroma, so this makes me think the wrapper does not impart much aroma at cold.

I've watched this video at least a dozen times, I love it!

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