Happy New Year To One and All

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*2010 went even faster than 2009. Hard to fathom, but perspective gets that way when one gets in their '50's! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! May there be end to hunger, beginning to prosperity, and waves of food, fun and safety! :D:2thumbs::party::cigar::party::love: Cheers and Beers to all my FOH amigos!

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So well said, Ross, and all who followed...

To all my brothers and sisters of FOH, may this new year bring health and happiness,

and may we continue to share our passions and dreams.

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Just like to wish everyone a great new year.

Finally getting up after an evening doing "stripping the willow"and "the Cumberland square dance" etc at a new years cielidh.Great fun.

Hope Father Christmas brought you all some nice cigars....

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Good stuff, Rosscola!

A truly great community hosted by people I am proud to call friends. Respect to all for a great collective effort.

A new career and its expected commitments have kept me somewhat absent from FOH this last year... I read regularly, although limited "rec time" leave my contributions are next to nil. ;)

I look forward to some quality time this year!

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Happy New Years to all. Glad I finally signed in instead of continually passing through. Best wishes for a great year to all members!!!

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