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My first experience with having a dog came about 12 years ago. I was in bed and awoke to see this monster of a white dog in my face. I yelled at my son to get this monster away from me. It turns out my son rescued this monster from an abusive situation. This monster turned out to be a 100 pound Samoyed named Snowy. Snowy and I became great buddies over the next few years and when he died at age 13 I cried like a baby.

Two years later my wife and oldest son decide I need a dog. I did not want to experience the loss of another pet, so I told them not to do it. Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer, was having an adopt a dog day at a local non kill shelter and my wife and son were going to get a dog. I asked them not to do it because I wasn't willing to take care of another pet. I run a golf course and was having a conversation with a guest and notice my son's car pulling into the facility. The car stops and out pops this brown dog. Of course the puppy went right for me and jumped up on me to lick my face. Almost 2 years later Kelly and I heve become buddies. She sleeps snuggled into me and has even slept on my head. She is still licking my face.

Dogs are an amazing species. They figured out many years ago that if they take care of their owners, their owners will do anything for them.

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Love all the dogs folks have here. Like bigfunkyg we have a Westie. He's about 2 years old now and our first small dog, always had big dogs before and favoured the lab cross bitzers. Before Miso the Westie we had a German Shepherd / Kelpie cross and she had the biggest heart of any dog we had. I am sure there is heaven for dogs.

Miso here loves cigar time on the deck - a little too much in fact if there is some ash fallen he's right on to eating it. :lookaround: Anybody elses dog eat ash? I can't work out the appeal of that for him. He also likes a drop of single malt or beer which is much easier to understand. The little chap's huge personality has convinced us we made the right choice.


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My Three, Chihauhau, some Chinese breed and my Boxer, he is 7 now and has a problem with his hip, have been recommended Metacam by a friend but cant source in Vietnam had hi to every Vet I can find!!! Tried Thailand and Hong Kongh but they allneed to see him!!! Biggest worry is that iwith him not using that leg he is straining the other ball joint. I that goes that is a tough decision to be made. Got some Arthritium in Hong kong for him, diet is spot on so will just have to watch him. Real shame to see him slowed sown now when he still has a lot of years left in him.


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For me and my family, there is no better dog than the Golden Retriever. Gentle with kids, Loyal to the family, Stoic and protective and a playful temperment.

We're on our second one and shedding aside we have no complaints.

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I was at a party on the weekend and someone was telling me about their Kappodle Terrier Hound (correct breed changed to protect the innocent) a cross between this dog and that dog then a little bit of that dog thrown in for good measure. They were very proud of their special breed but if got me thinking.

When did a Mutt cross breed turn into a Kapoddle Terrier Spaniel and something to be proud of? It seems now that people want to have as many different reeds in their mutt just so they can spend 20mins explaining it to people. :o

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