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The waters will commence receding today. The devastation is immense.

I should be able to get back home later this morning via a boat I have arranged. Family and house are fine. Unfortunately we have friends who have lost everything in the area. I will take a few days off to lend a hand in the initial cleaning up of the stinking mud throughout their houses.

Awful story of a 13 year old boy who refused to be airlifted from the bonnet of a car in rising floodwaters until the recuers took his 10 year old younger brother. They did but by the time they looked back to reach him he was swept away and drowned. That is a hero I will remember for a long time.

We will be back on deck at Czars fulltime Saturday morning at this stage. Too many people need a hand, a meal, a shoulder.

I am sure you all understand the need to focus on our friends and family. We all appreciate your good wishes and support and we will get to e-mails as quickly as we can.

Czar house itself has been unaffected and our wharehouse (OLH) is safe. The major issues arise from paralysis of infrastructure and people simply needing a hand.

Thanks again!

glad you guys are okay

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The story I read about this was that a lot of people were just looking on and did nothing. Until a truck driver, some scrawny old guy, finally took it upon himself to tie off a rope and wade through the water to get to the family. Unfortunately the rope broke before he could save the rest of the family.

That old dude put a lot of people to shame. I can only hope that I have half the courage these 2 showed if my time ever comes.

The truck driver rescuer was just on the radio

When he approached the car 10 metres out the water was only a foot deep but running fast. He couldn't make the 10 metres to the car as it rose to the bonnet in that time and swept him off his feet. Onlookers found 3 pieces of rope and tied them together. He went out and took the 10 year old from the 13 year old boy. He dropped the boy off and went back but was swept off his feet. A larger guy took the rope and went out. He got to the car and tied the rope to the pillar. He almost got the 13 year old but the rope snapped and he was swept to the side with a the remaining connected rope in his hand. By the time they could launch a third attempt the car was gone. They are all traumatized. From the time the water was on the tires to the time monther and son perished was less than 7 minutes.

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I failed in getting home today. Just too much floating trees and cars to use a boat to get home. Have decided to stay at Czar house until at least Saturday. My wife Ang has taken in a family of 5 from the area who are without power. In our area (house) there are 25000 people without power or access to any shops/goods/food currently with power out until Monday. It is a strong community so they will be fine. If I were one of the cows next door I would start getting nervous as food dwindles :o

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Hi Mate

I cannot imagine what it must be like ,especially not being able to get home ,then being cut off from the Wife does sound interesting :):o

Have you heard from Ken ?, do you how is he doing?

Cheers Mate Hang tough as I am sure most Queens-lander's are at the minute .

you and all our in our thoughts

Steve :P

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Glad to hear that your family is safe although isolotated. Our hearts go out to everyone that has been affected by this dissaster.

I'm getting better coverge on this from you than our local news hear in Arizona (it's been dominated by another local tragedy) I appreciate you taking the time to update us all.

Cheers and remain safe.

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Wow, sounds so surrealistic, me just sitting here dry and save. My thoughts go out to the Aussies. Crossed my mind that Holland is way below sealevel and we are fighter the water sinds 1953 when Holland was surprised bij enormeous flood.

Hope all familly and friends will overcome.

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Been reading some of the stories on the flooding that you guys are having and one in particular I found quite good:

From the Mirror online

The families rescuing possessions from their flooded homes are briefly distracted by two men rowing down their street in a small tin boat.

Spying his audience one them bursts into a lusty rendition of ‘Row, row, row your boat…”

It’s a flash of humour amid the misery of the Brisbane floods, and a perfect example of the spirit described by an emotional Queensland Premier Anna Bligh earlier in the day.

“We’re the people that they breed tough, north of the border,” she said, teary-eyed. “We’re the ones that they knock down, and we get up again.”

I thought it summed it up pretty good.

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From Houston we would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by these floods.

Wishing all families safety and the thought of knowing that you all are in our prayers.

Paul (Pablo)

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