Blind Cigar Tasting Competition Thread......

El Presidente

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First cigar smoked (smallest) by 31 March

Second cigar smoked (next largest) by 12th April

Third cigar smoked by (Largest) 30th April

Brief review but DO NOT CALL the cigar. Post the review on this thread.

ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST PM ME THEIR CALL FOR THE FIRST CIGAR BY MIDNIGHT THE 31st of March NY TIME. I will then post the results in a spreadsheet. Please PM and do not e-mail me otherwise I may lose the correspondence.

To the winner (who can correctly select all cigars sent) $500 USD/AUD prize . In the event of a tie, prize is split.

I will write up a spreadhsheet and post the results for cigar no 1 on 1'st of April. No new players can request cigars.

Good Luck!

El Presidente.

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Mystery Blind Taste Cigar No.1

Sunday, 3:30 PM----6th of March, 2011,

Calvisson, France

Taster, laficion (Guy)

Paired with" The Macallan, Fine Oak-Single Malt Scotch Whisky-12yrs old.

Vitola- Petit Coronas.

Lovely Colorado wrapper but with some green stains on the wrapper.

Great barnyard smell at cold and from the foot of the cigar.

After cutting, good draw with just the right amount of resistance.


1st Third: Earthy moss with hints of saltiness, notes of spice at the end on the retro-hale. From the start, the cigar has an uneven burn.


2nd Third: The burn is still quite one sided but I will not touch it up yet. We’ll see.

The smoke is still earthy but has become a bit fuller with some dash of spice but also nutlike flavours, grilled almonds giving the smoke a toasty note on the palate. I must say that the ash is quite firm.


Last Third: The smoke is round and has become more animal in it's flavours without any bite or harshness, leather comes up front with spices and some powdered chocolate at the end. I would say that this cigar is on the medium side without a long persisting after taste. A cigar that is easy even if the burn was bad throughout the tasting, I'd even call it a morning cigar.

I won't note the cigar but it was enjoyable.


CALL: PM sent Rob.

Ciao l'ami,


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Mystery Blind Taste Test: Smallest Cigar

weather: Overcast, light breeze, low 40's F.

paired with sweet Ice Tea. Like the kind they make in the South

Construction: Spot on

Initial Aroma: Mild tobacco

Draw was a bit loose but not too bad

Initial flavors: tobacco, leather, hints of white pepper (slight burn through the nose)

Starting out as medium

1/3 : classic leather/tobacco flavors with a hint of sweet (perhaps cinnamon)

* Had to relight after first third

2/3: white pepper intensified, nutty (cashew/almond) flavor, toasted tobacco, baked bread

3/3: toasted tobacco is dominate flavor, undertone of sweetness/cream, nutty flavor aftertaste

I scored it a solid 88 , only because I had to relight it 5 times.

This smoke really had me confused. There was a familiar flavor that I couldn't identify.

I have pictures but I can't seem to figure out how to transfer them from my phone to the computer.

Call? Wait and see.

Oh, this is my first attempt at a review. Hope it is up to par and I classified the flavors right. I would highly advise no one use my notes as a reference. lol.

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Appearance/aroma at cold: rustic darkish wrapper – sweaty, earthy smell.

Initial puffs: are spicy peppers with a hint of cacao .

1st 3rd: spice bomb! Mind you I‘ve ate bugger all today, had a big day at uni and did some weights.

2nd third: still spicy. Hints of cream here and there. Earthy. Bit of a vegetable element coming in. Hmmm not getting the roasted nuts that Guy and Cgarner got – no doubt due to their superior palates :flower:

3rd third: definite full bodied smoke here. Again, a little different to Guy, I probably wouldn’t smoke this with morning coffee. Earthy. Clean tobacco.

Overall thoughts and score: feisty cigar, not the most complex but certainly flavoursome and I really enjoyed it. 87-88.

Pm'd the big fella with my guess.

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Just sorted out a bit of a shipping issue with my mystery cigars - just got on the way a couple of days ago. :)

So, hopefully I can get this first blind tasting in by the 31st. And, so much for the "letting them rest" thing. :D

Ah well, the game's afoot.....

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Ok here goes my first review

Cigar : Blind tasting smallest cigar

Appearance: Nice colorado shade wrapper fairly veiny

Construction: Solid a bit loosely filled

Aroma: Earthy barnyard with a small hint of cocoa

Draw at cold: easy draw

Location: In my car watching my 12 year old prepare for his lacrosse match

First Third:

Very earthy at first no notes of chocolate like I had thought from the aroma at cold. Draw is easy but not getting much smoke from it and have to puff 2 or three times to get some smoke. (may be to wet)

burn is good and the ash holds well and is a nice dark gray in color.

I would say it is mild in body but the flavor is what I would call full flavor (if that makes sense)

Second Third:

Still very earthy a little spice or woody notes still having trouble getting a good amount of smoke from this thing and now the burn is a little off. Noticing a little sweetness through the nose (sweet tobacco )


the burn corrected itself fairly quickly and now am able to finally get a good amount of smoke with one puff. Had to relight once but probably due to me jibber jabbering with another parent ( they clearly couldn't tell I was doing important research otherwide they would not have interrupted) the ending may be up to medium but all in all i would still classify this as mild to medium a good overall smoke and would probably give it a 85 to 87. My guess is being pm'd to rob and it will be exactly that a guess because I have no idea what this little beauty is.

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Mystery PC

Construction: a little under-filled but still solid

Draw: perfect

Cold flavors: sweet woody tobacco

1/3: beautifully creamy cigar with coffee flavor and light roasted nuts

2/3: cream keeps on coming and some carmel to add to the nuts and coffee

3/3: you got to love a cigar that stays creamy to the end

Made a guess what it was before smoking it, had to change my's a......

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Okay, Rob's Mystery competition has me off the dime and doing my first "review". Long time active lurker, but a modest poster....

Construction: Packed pretty firm. Seems fairly tightly wrapped - veins can be seen prominently from under the wrapper. Nice consistent color. No spots or blemishes.

Pre-Light Aroma: Mild earthiness. Some sweetness - "honey" came to mind. Traditional tobacco aroma, with a brief hit of "age tobacco" notes.

Now, off to the balcony for the first time this year to smoke a cigar in the Chicago sun. Soaking up the radiance and enjoying the cigar.

First Third: Not a lot of charisma. I would give it a 4 out of 10 on the strength meter. Mostly traditional tobacco flavors. If I had to add more color, I would use terms like "slightly earthy" and some "old, yet greenish forest floor" but not as much as I would like. Great draw, virtually perfect burn.

Second Third: Not a lot more complexity. A bit underwhelmed. Similar to the first third. Starting to build in strength.

Final Third: Body built. Some "bitey" elements I associate with nicotine. While a bit richer, my undiscerning palate is not picking up a lot of unique characteristics that leap out to stamp more complexity on the smoke. Maybe lightly toasted ants. Not the big black ones, the small brown ones.

In Sum: Excellent burn and construction. I would not consider this cigar very charismatic, but a straightforward cigar that is a good example of classic tobacco flavors that evolve in strength, but not in flavor(s). I think it's a..... cigar I have never had before. Sending Rob my guess, but I think it's a brand I have avoided, as I believe the brand generally has this flavor profile. (but who knows). Overall, glad I tried it, but don't see it being a part of my longer term rotation.

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Mystery Marevas

Setting -- mid-afternoon outside on my deck. Pleasant 58 degrees F with a slight breeze

Aroma at cold -- spicy tobacco. Quite redolent.

Constructon -- solidly packed. Medium brown, veiny wrapper. Wrapper didn't seem very oily -- more matte than sheen. Small part of edge of cap is separated from the body of the cigar. Small split at foot of wrapper.

Draw at cold -- perfect. Not a ton of flavor. Mild, roasted tobacco.

First impressions -- lit a bit unevely -- my fault not the cigar's. This is the first cigar I have smoked in 6 weeks or more and just about the 6th since my diagnosis a year ago. My palate memory is probably suspect as I have no recent comparisons. Full volume of smoke coats the tongue and palate. Probably just north of medium in body Burn evened out nicely. Draw couldn't be better.

First third -- I am getting wood, earth and some herbs, such as thyme and basil. No chocolate, citrus or other fruit. Toasted tobacco predominates. Smoke is neither solemn nor particularly cheerful, which eliminates some possibilities in my mind. There's a distinct element of sweetness on the back of the palate, Not much variation, if any, from puff to puff. Very pleasant herbs and sweet earth elements. Maybe slipping to the south side of medium through the nose. Nice, solid dark gray ash.

Second third -- Flicked off the ash at the end of the first third to be rewarded with a return to the full side of medium. Makes me wonder how much difference smoking through the long ash really makes. The sweetness on the finish increases throughout the mouth and on the back palate. Lovely spices and earth. Maybe just a hint of coffee. Damn! There's a black licorice ovetone there of a sudden -- but it didn't last. Loving the cigar at this stage, but it's been so long since I smoked anything I'm sure my guess will be wrong. I would say that, despite the subtle changes described here, this is a bit of a one-note samba in terms of complexity.

Final third -- Another crescendo in strength after flicking the ash. Fullness of body continues, but leads to some youthful harshness on the palate. Some bitterness on the finish.

Overall impression. This cigar started a bit on the soft and melllow side, peaked during the middle thirs and tailed off pretty badly for me at the end. 88 on the 70-100 scale. Above average 4 on the 1-6 scale owing to the fabulous middle third.

Guess to be sent by PM.

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Mystery Cigar Testing

This is my first review ever, apologies it’s not up to the mark. My palette is not as refined as the others so I will keep my review short and simple.

Aroma at cold – Sweet tobacco smell, with slight barnyard

Construction – Nice, well made cigar, claro wrapper

Draw at cold – no discernible taste detected just dry tobacco

Opening – Bitter

1st 3rd - Medium to full body a tad under full and voluminous creamy smokes, bitter tobacco developing to a more bitter chocolate

2nd 3rd – Bitter and dark chocolates predominant, and creamy smokes

3rd 3rd – The taste did not evolve dramatically through the cigar

In summary, it was an enjoyable cigar although I did not detect the cigar evolving in flavors. It was consistent and it was nice smoke. I doubt I have sampled the exact cigar prior to this but the flavor profile does indicate a marca with a different vitola which I recently smoked. I’d rate this solid 87-88.

A punt made and good luck to the rest!!

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Allthough I did not sign up for this competition I would just like to add that I am really enjoying reading all the different reviews of basically the same cigar in this thread which has the makings of a classic post.

I find it very interesting to hear the various tasting notes and especially loved LateApex's "Maybe lightly toasted ants. Not the big black ones, the small brown ones." which has to go down as a contender for tasting note of the year! I think I am going to add it to my cigar wheel on the opposite side Rob's mongrol flavour.

Kudo's to all of you in posting up your reviews which, despite my lack of talent at this sort of thing, makes me wish I had signed up.

I look forward to seeing the end result of this first round and the next ones to follow.

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Mystery Cigar # 1

Good construction, slight give when squeezed, small veins on wrapper, nice looking overall.

Aroma at cold is dry hay (I used to work at horse barn years ago and the smell is uncanny). Little floral and cedar present as well.

Draw is perfect, slight resistance. Cold draw flavors are dry hay, grass.

1/3: Initial creamy sweetness, little nutty for first few puffs. Then into dry grass with a slight bitterness (in a good way if that makes sense). The burn is razor sharp. Body is just under medium, with a little spice when exhaled through nose.

2/3: Body picks up to a straight medium. Bitterness is gone, and the initial sweetness makes a comeback but still has that dry hay note. Could be a small, small hint of caramel in the background.

3/3: Still Medium bodied. Bitterness picks back up and is not as pleasant as in the first third. Overall its a one dimensional cigar, not very complex, but still very enjoyable. I'd rate it an 88.

This is good fun and I'm looking forward to the next two cigars. PM Sent to El Pres.

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Mystery Cigar #1

Petit Corona

Date: March 17, 2011

4:00 PM, 60°F, windy

Playing with the dog in the back yard

Notes at prelight: This little cigar has a very rounded cap, is Colorado in shade and the presents an aroma of light cedar. Nice construction, very fine veins throughout the thin wrapper and upon cutting the head, a perfect draw.


First third: Initial tastes are spice with a solid med/med-full body. Although it is quite windy outside, I can tell it is emitting plenty of smoke volume. Nice and easy draws but picking up quite an uneven burn. As I draw I can see the burn snake right along one side of the wrapper. I’ll wait and see if the burn can come under control without any assistance of my Blazer. At 12 minutes into the smoke, the first ash drops

Second third: Now I’m picking up hints of a slight dark chocolate flavor with undertones of the original spice profile. The burn evens itself out nicely and the body comes down a notch to medium. Not a significant evolution in taste as far as I can tell, but the slight change keeps things interesting. At 27 minutes into the smoke, the second ash drops.


Final third: the burn continues to be nice and even, no need to retouch it at all. The body is still sitting at a solid medium and I’m now finding a sweet paprika and saltiness as the flavors again make a nice turn.

43 minutes in, and it’s over. A couple hours later and I’m not experiencing much of an aftertaste at

Overall this was a nice enjoyable smoke and I can’t find anything negative about it. I like cigars that are medium to full bodied and this one also had enough flavor changes throughout that kept it fun.

End score I give it an 88.

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Ok, my turn.

The setting was at the Peppermint Hippo-West on a chilly (for So. Cal) afternoon. Beverage was a Mich Ultra, not buy choice but by default.

Cigar was firmly filled and prelight aroma was nice.

Prelight draw was firm but still good.

First third was very spicy with pepper. Ash was chunky and dark but burn was good and even.

Second third the cigar settled down a little and showed a little depth.

Last third the cigar reveted back to the first third.

Overall a nice smoke but it won't unseat my PC incumbent.

Overall score is 87

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I smoked mystery cigar #1 on Friday evening March 18th. It was a beautiful March evening in South Carolina. About 70F, no humidity, and a nice breeze. I could complain about the pollen that has blanketed the area but I'll take it after a cold winter. I chose to pair the cigar with a gorgeous 2009 Cakebread Chardonnay. This wine has loads of fresh fruit: green apples and pears, but is not overly sweet and has a nice clean crisp finish. It worked great!


The cigar had a nice colorado wrapper and construction was excellent. One or two veins but overall pretty damn good. Aroma at cold was a fairly pungent damp earth...and of course tobacco. I clipped the cap and found a perfect draw. A little spicy on the cold draw. It took to flame excellently and began to put out loads of smoke. This thing was pretty damn strong. I would put it well on the full side of medium, or slightly on the medium side of full. I didn't detect anything fancy here. Just loads of white pepper and good clean tobacco. Burn was perfect and ash hung on all the way through the first third.

The Second third saw this baby settle down a bit and a nice leathery flavor took the place of all of the spice. Right into medium. Burn still perfect.


Things picked back up a bit in the final third. It showed a little youth here with some charred wood notes but still very nice. I smoked it to the nub and enjoyed the short journey. Overall, I would give it an 88...or a 3.5/5...or 2 of 3 smokerings...or a B+. What it lacked in complexity, it more that made up for in flavor and intensity.

My guess is sent to the Prez. I am fairly confident that it is one of three cigars...

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