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El Presidente

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Interesting cigar. Kind of like your quiet, well mannered neighbour who turns out to be a Nazi war criminal. Started out smooth, offering wonderful cuban tobacco flavours, a bit of leather, spicy.

Around the half way mark went troppo and turned into a maniac. Complete pepper bomb. Got some chemical aromas, and some nuts.

PM sent

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Interesting cigar. Kind of like your quiet, well mannered neighbour who turns out to be a Nazi war criminal.

Lol, thanks Kanga, it's been a while since my laptop screen has had a good cleaning, and it got one after I spit all over it :whistle: While this stick did not commit any atrocities against me, I was definitely not a huge fan.


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Blind Cigar Tasting Competition, Cigar No. 1, “Mareva” format - final score, 83/84

So, here’s my review of the first cigar in this blind cigar tasting competition….

Reviewed Cigar: Blind Cigar No. 1

Box Date: Unknown (current production)

Factory/Manufacture Code: Unknown

Packaging: Unknown

Price: Never talk money...

Length: 5 1/8", or 129 mm

Ring Gauge: 42

Format: Mareva

Weight: Don't you know it isn't polite to ask a fella this??

Construction/Appearance & Pre-Light: Noticed that this cigar is actually only 128 mm long (1 mm short of the 129 mm for a “Mareva” vitola), but I decided that this was not a major issue and was well within the norms – Cuba being Cuba. I’m generally happy with the decision that this is a mareva format, after the claiming of such by Rob previously. Ring gauge is right on at 42 mm. The wrapper is a beautiful reddish Colorado tone, free of major blemishes and veins, and was very silky smooth and thin. The wrapper has one very small (almost unnoticeable) green mark about mid-way up, and an ever-so-slight tear to the leading edge of the wrapper near the head, potentially from a glue-stuck spot and removing the band. The head has a very discernable and well-done triple cap. There was no box press evident on this cigar (hmmmmm…that narrows some of my decisions down some, as this mareva format is long and wide in its brand representation.) Now, the other major noticeable item about construction is the fill – damn, this thing was SOFT! A very squishy cigar – it definitely felt underfilled. Looking at the foot, it appeared to only have about 2/3 of the needed tobacco that this maybe should – there were lots of open areas and gaps present. On the nose at cold, there was a bit of barnyard and hay, almost a slight bit of old, wet leather, and some chocolate/cocoa-laced coffee. Nothing too overpowering or super-present, though, aside from that bit of Cuban barnyard being there.



Opening Impressions: After a lighting up and initial draws, noted that there was TONS of smoke. The reason being is that this cigar had an extremely easy draw – waaaaay too free-flowing. With the not-so-dense packing to these, and the underfilling aspect, I found that these had a very flaky ash, right from the get-go on the light up and first few puffs.

First Third: I got essences of cream and honey in there, and it was a nice sensation. The drawback was that this was the only third of this cigar to have these tastes present. Started to get hits of a sour tang, probably from the extremely free-flowing draw. Got hints of leather and damp grass. In this third, I had to relight three different times, and noticed upon ashing that this cigar had a very concave burn to it – again, issues due to the underfilling. Smoke was copious, but very light and airy – not a dense, velvety, saturating smoke.



Second Third: Had two different relights in this third. Still had hints of old leather and damp grass, but the negative aspects of the draw / underfilling really came to bear here – started to get heavy doses of carbon / pencil lead essences (yuck!). The nice aspects of this cigar really started to wane away. Found it to almost be a chore in this third to puff away frantically, trying to keep it lit, and not letting the loose rolling of this cigar lead to it going out (literally every 30-45 seconds or so, if not puffed on heavily). Got so tiresome, that I finally…

Final Third: …Just put it down to sleep. Competition or not, just could not put up with this cigar any more. A definite candidate for an early execution.

Finishing Comments / Overall Impression: I gave this cigar a somewhat redeemable 83/84, all things considered. The wrapper was beautiful, and on the nose it wasn't half bad. A lot of the issues bringing this cigar down was directly attributable to construction – if the fill was okay, then this cigar seemed to have the makings of a 87 to 91 cigar, just based on the blend profile and it's potential capabilities of this tobacco. If I’m right in my guess of this cigar, I am not surprised as to the reasons why this was a lousy stick, nor of why these reviews are all over the place.... Call of the cigar, and hypothesis as to why, sent in PM to Rob.

If I’m wrong, then, well, I’ve completely **** the bed on this.

Final Score: 83/84

Total Smoking Time: 40 minutes

Paired Beverage: Sprite

Date & Time Smoked: Sunday, April 3rd, 2011, 11:55 pm to 12:35 pm

Thanks for reading my review. Hope you enjoyed it.


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Smoked mine a few days ago- Right at the wire!


Appearance - Light Colorado wrapper. No real evidence of a box press.

Aroma at cold - Smooth, sweet Tobacco

First couple of Puffs - Metallic Sweetness........I know what this tastes like!

First Third - A real mixed bag. The metallic sweetness that I really don't care for in a cigar comes up almost every puff. It's really leaning me towards one specific marca but I need to give it a full shot! Fruit with some light spice comes through with the odd leather hint and some brief lashings of cream. Draw is flawless.

Middle Third - Draw starts tightening up in a hurry, so I clip off a quarter inch of the head and get back to business. Leather is predominant now, but still that metallic sweetness is around. Deep fruits with some smouldering spices are out there. Why don't I enjoy this? Oh yeah - I don't like smoking metal :P

Final Third - Sweet bread flavours appear, but the metallic tastes continue unhindered. A few hints of different marcas, but the lack of box press notwithstanding, I think I know what this is.

Overall Impressions - Not for me. It had some tastes to offer, but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I am 80% sure of the marca now.

I'd give it an 84

Side note - looks like at least SOMEBODY liked it - a little friend in the grass was slowly inching his way towards the clipped 1/4 inch of the head!


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Finally got a chance to smoke the first mystery cigar today while doing a bit of yard work. Here are my thoughts:

Appearance: Wrapper was very nice. Thin smooth wrapper with minor veins and no green spots like others have noted. The head of the cigar seemed poorly constructed and looked almost as though the cigar was wearing a toupée.

Pre-light draw: A little tight. Taste was sweet and tasted exactly like Red Man chewing tobacco.

First third: Gross

Second third: Grosser

Last third: Grossest

I found the cigar to be flavourless and very unpleasant and I don't think its a cigar I've had before. I was a few shades of green for about an hour after smoking it. Unfortunately, I think I got a **** stick and I'll revisit this PC another day once the mystery is revealed.

PM sent to Rob

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