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Had a man offer me 2 boxes of these and a box of Partagas Chicos he bought at airport in Cuba. He didn't really know anything about them apparently trying to fund his next trip back. There was no code on boxes and seals were suspect (no blacklight coat of arms on the seal). Just wondered if there is a lower grade of coding for lower grade cigars or if they sold counterfeit in the airport?

He was really just looking for a value on them so I looked them up here and he said he paid roughly the same as what you offer them for.

I would like to know just for my own knowledge, I do not know the man and will probably not see him again unless he takes my advice and buys from a reputable source and comes back with something better next time. Hope I didn't give him bad advice.

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In general, avoid airport smokes too.


That is so true.

I had only bad experience with buying cigars at duty-frees.

Almost all of the cigars were plugged or dry out,but whats worst is that you have no one to complain...

The storage conditions are very bad at some duty-frees.

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*Poor Guantanamera...poor Montecristo Open. As I've put it on a previous thread - sometimes a bologne sandwich or a hot dog w/mustard will do just fine for the moment as opposed to a prime rib steak or even Alaskan King Crab legs! And such a nice, lovely name after the song made famous in 1960(?) Speaking of counterfeiters...I once found a glass tubed Guantanamera (it was the wrong size for this marca) and the price on it was $7.99!!! I've seen Guantanes for $1.83 apiece on legitimate sites!! Even so, Continue On, my poor raggedy constructed little flower! Some may still find you a worthy treasure...! :flower::yes:

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