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Por Larranaga Encantos

Regional Release Aia Pacific


4000 boxes total production (100,000 cigars).

PCC Set international Price $280 USD

Australian Price to be advised tomorrow. Will shoot an e-mail to all Australian Members once I am advised.

E-mail Lisa to confirm or place your order [email protected]

Due to the demand and logistics shipping may take 5-10 working days. Please be patient and we will send a confirmation e-mail when shipped.

Singles are unfortunately not available at this time but will be at a future date once the box backlog has been cleared.

I will complete a review hopefully with Ken next week but all the feedback to date from those that have tried is that they are Por Larranaga crackers :flower:


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Great news Rob

They look absolutely gorgeous hope they smoke as well as they look

And that they are price competitive for us Aussies :flower:

Look forward to your email


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Rob and Ken will be reviewing them either next week or the following :P


looking forward to that....

I'd love them to do the Boli Simones LE Canada too (don't think they've done that yet?)

also siglo III and V

...and BHK 56!


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