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Who said sitting on the deck drinking wine and cigars had no payoff!......besides my wife!!! B)

Well, about two years ago Smithy and I were doing just that and trying to enjoy a glass of wine and a platter of Oysters and Prawns. Unfortunately about 500 flies joined our soiree.

Now I am a lateral thinker. Smithy same but is also a trained Industrial Designer (one of the best in our country) so over the second bottle we came up with an idea to "Keep files away from your food"

I won't go into too much detail how it works except to say it is near 100% effective in annoying flies and keeping them away from your food. . Our initial testing machine involved a couple of empty boxes of Bolivar Belicoso Finos, tower, gears and assorted straps (wine and seafood extra!). Over 18 months we refined it, did independent testing and were ecstatic. We reached the point that we needed some serious production capacity so fellow cigar lover and plastics guru Stuart Roebig joined our specialty product company. Stuart manufactures plastics for Coke, Unilever and McDonalds.

Fast forward and we have just signed distribution contracts in Africa and about to do so over the next two weeks in Europe, North and South America, Asia. We are in the process of producing specialty merchandising product for beer/alcohol companies. Should any of you have an angle drop me a line. An Aussie invention but we produce and warehouse in China FOB Shanghai for reasons of logistics and costs. Packaging is tailored to the end client through Stuarts design teams.

We have a Patent where I am listed alongside Smithy as the inventor….and I didn't even do a degree in the field :cigar:

My great mate, cigar lover and accountant to the stars, Arthur Kassos is our partner and CFO.

So Smithy, Arthur, Stuart and myself launched www.ShooAway.com today.

Friendship, laughter, loyalty, fraternity…..I am the luckiest man alive.

This will be a wild ride! Wish us luck! We are happy to sign any units ordered by FOH …just e-mail [email protected] …..could be worth a fortune in years to come !LOL!


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Arrange away mate. I am at a plane rides notice anywhere in the world :cigar:

And also always within arms reach of a bottle of wine... then again, neither am I (I just can't drink at the office!!)

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Genius! Here in Taiwan people use a system like this on their food stalls and carts to keep flies away from meat and other produce, but I doubt anyone was smart enough to patent the idea!

Good luck!

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Great idea Rob and Smithy.

Cover the sloped sides of it with solar cells, or give it one of those fold out handles to wind a dynamo and charge the battery like some flashlights and you'll get the greens on board too..

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Congrats to you guys...a fantastic idea. I wish you success in your new venture!

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Good Luck Gentleman. Leave it to the Aussie's to develop a practical and sensible product.... I believe we Canadians have had brain freeze from our long winters to think of anything practical. Besides with our tax system our $19.99 product would cost the consumer $99.00 with all the added and hidden taxes :D

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