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I was wondering whether any of you have a cigar that others rave about, but you just don't see what the fuss is about. In fact, you don't really like it at all. So it leaves you scratching your head, is there something weird with their tastes or is it me...

Tastes are obviously different from person to person; one man's wine is another's vinegar. But i think many of us have one particular cigar where the majority swear by, and we feel like we're the odd one out for not being able to share the same fancy for that cigar.

For me, it's the H Upmann 46 -- my friends love it, and i know that many people here on FoH have only good things to say about it.

But i've never felt anything for the H Upmann 46s, or even the 50s. The 48s are nice, but they are an EL, and i think ELs are almost a brand on their own notwithstanding what band they have wrapped around them.

So yeah, the H Upmann 46s/50s for me. What's the big fuss all about?

How about you, what's the cigar that you just don't "get"? :cigar:

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Good question.

Partagas P2. Totally tasteless, waste of time and money.

I feel like HSA is trying to copy NCs, though it should be vice versa.

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In my case its the whole Hoyo De Monterey line.. It's so light in body, I struggle to find the reason behind all the rave reviews reserved for this marca..

X2, lol and I thought I was going to be the only one not a fan of HdM. Strange , they just don't do anything for me.

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RASS for me too...

I've had a few, but they've all failed to give me what they appear to give others.

I've quite enjoyed them... but nothing much more than that

same for D4's (unless they've got a bit of age on them.

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Cohiba Robusto.

I've had about 12 of these,from various sources,various ages.

No flavour at all,for me.

More disappointed due to the premium price.

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For me it's most of the cigars mentioned in this topic :cigar:

- RASS (absolute tasteless cigar for me)

- Mag 46 & 50 (try one every year and haven't been impressed yet)

- PLPC (just can't get excited about it)

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Great topic.... I have a few...In this order

BBF - I have had 2 cabs of these '07 and maybe 4 good cigars total. make that OK cigars. Will never buy another

mag 46 may revisit these

RASS They're ok...

PSD4 Haven't had but a handfull but nothing ever blew my socks off.

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For me H.Upmann all Coronas (Major, Minor) - waste of money :cigar:


Surprised about the PSD4 criticisms. It's always been a staple for me.

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Great topic. Monte #2 although my experience is limited to a 10 count box. Everyone says when on a Monte #2 is amazing so a HQ or PSP box is on the list.

Also not a fan of BBF. The few I have tried have been very "meh" Give me a BPC anyday!

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Gee - Thank you, Aizzudan for this topic! YES!! There are a FEW wonderful brands I know that all rave about, but that just don't cut it for me. 1) Nearly ALL robustos. The thing is so fat and short, and I give them chance after chance. There might be flavor in 3 or 4 puffs. But after that - that's IT! Just tasting empty air. 2) Yes again...thank you to the folks who've observed the Hoyo de Monterrey DC. Air Air Air. That's it. I respect and love acquiring Juan Lopez and Rafael Gonzales Coronas Extras. Very, very light and a tad non-descript. But because I do respect those brands and several opinions about them, I am going to try some petit coronas in those blends. Maybe there will be more kick to them. 3) Generally, pyramide/belicoso/figurado shapes are very, very good. Yet the Partagas No. 2 Pyramide has yet to do even miniscule thing for me. Had one last night. So disappointing I didn't even go past the first 1/4th of it. Dead smoke. This one came in one of those 5 pyramide samplers in the nice wooden sample box. I took it out and placed in in the Daniel Marshall and left it there for a long time. Gave it its chance last night and noooo - de-e-a-a-a-d! How unfortunate for a brand that normally swings and sings me my Havana lullaby when enjoyed - AAAHHHH! :perfect10:

There should be a topic about Havanas that everybody disses, yet that send lovely, wonderful raptures of pure enjoyment to SOME of us out here despite the bad press. Everybody's favorite whipping boys: Cuabas, Monte Opens, and - DA DADA DUMDUMDUM DAAAA - GUANTANAMERAS! I LIKE Guantanamera! AND I've NEVER been disappointed by the flavor of Cuaba, whether Tradicionales, Divinos, or Exclusivos! - sorry! <_<

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***OOPS - sorry, mispelled your onscreen name - AIZUDDIN! now corrected!

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