Cohiba Behike 56 - TEU OCT 10

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Hi Alan,

I rememebr when we met at Davidoff in NY last year, you told me you and your better half were planning a world trip and that you were going to stop by and vist the Czars!! And then I play this video yesterday and there you are just like you said...I am still smiling think about it. Have a safe and great adventure.



Smithy I personally would have been way too self conscious if you were included in the review, I doubt I would have been able to participate. As for the Maestros review I cant imagine what kind of editing nightmare you have on your hands. We started at 2 PM and the vino was flowing, I dont even think we lit up the Maestros until the sun went down. Should be a laugh Im sure.
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Thanks for the review gentlemen! I agree with Rob's mention that the ring gauge is too big, I don't really enjoy cigars that wide. The 54 is about the largest ring I would actively buy.

On the other hand, I'm smoking a Cohiba Lancero right now that's just the perfect size right at this moment.

I actually love the thinner ring gauge cigars better than most others, but the bigger (sometimes seriously big) gauges don't seem to cause any issues with me; so long as the stick is good obviously

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I tend to prefer the medium to smaller ring gauged cigars like many here on FoH. That said, if a large ring gauge cigar is good, I'll still buy and smoke it. The first large ring gauge cigar I loaded up on was the Montecristo Sublimes from 2008. Loved that cigar.

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Brian, the hardest part was just making the decision to go. It did feel really good to make hit happen though and the crew at czars looked after us way to well. We've decided to make a move to Charleston, SC though I'll let you know when I'm back in NYC for business. It will probably be sometime next month and we will have to get together for a drink and smoke. By the way, the Bordeaux blends from Waiheke Island off the coast of Auckland are rediculously good. Its BS how little of the good wine we actually get in the states from here. I had a perception of NZ wine before I got here and couldnt be more wrong. I look forward to catching up.

Check out our blog at I plan on putting a more detailed post up specifically on wine through NZ, we hit every region and were very impressed overall.

Ken, hilarious- we'll have to make sure my better half has some liquid courage before setting foot in the garage though.

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All possibly true but we can only call it as we see it on the day.....and it was a very entertaining day :lol:

Yes it look like it.Im not a cigar smoker so much for the cigar (sad to say) but for the social and entertaining side of it. I like meeting and smoking a cigar with good mates and enjoying it. Dont get me Wong i would love to try one of these cigars to see what they are like, and will one day. But untill then keep up the good work rob,ken and the boys because ppl like me, will be watching and waiting to try a cigar the boys have.. lots of fun. when i have that one cigar that i think is 100 out of 100, then there will be no point anymore lol

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