Cohiba Family Tree

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We're concentrating on the main family here; not the more distant branches of relatives that crop up now and then (with increasing regularity these days it seems).

Here goes.... feel free to contribute your own take on this; particularly the Maduro Branch and the recently-come-to-light BHK clan which need further investigation please guys!


Siglo VI = father/husband.

Dependable, successful, honest, good husband and father.

Siglo IV = mother/wife.

Plays part of "good wife" very well; excellent at juggling household maintainence/child-rearing with good career in her own right.

Siglo II = son/daughter.

Well-balanced, adjusted and behaved, love their parents, parents proud of them, high-achievers.

Siglo V = uncle/brother.

Not as successful as his brother, but a good, dependable chap in his own right, secretly a bit jealous of his brother having done a bit better for himself than he has, still, he has a happy fulfilling marriage and he loves his wife and children very much, so consoles himself that money isn't everything.

Siglo III = aunt/sister

Married to V, happily goes along with him and plays dutiful wife/mother and concurs with him in all things, she's a good soul.

Siglo I = cousin/nephew/niece

Never quite achieved in the same way as their cousins, but they don't feel jealous of them, they're perfectly happy with their lot in life. Their father is, perhaps, just a tiny bit envious of his brother's children's achievements, but he would never, ever say or even allow himself to think it. He would lay down his life for them in the end.


Lancero = grandfather.

Wise, kind, refined gentleman; doesn't approve of one of his brothers much.....

Especiale = grandmother.

In keeping with her generation, very much her husband's wife, charming, elegant.

Esplendido = great uncle.

Grandfather's "other" brother; doesn't see him much, amassed great fame and fortune - grandfather doesn't really get on with him, considers him to be full of himself and opinionated and "flashy", has expensive tastes in clothes and jewellery, not all of it real.

Robusto = great uncle.

Grandfather's brother, bachelor, very stable; good at resolving family arguments, good mediator and go-between.

Exquisito = great aunt.

Grandmother's married sister, quite prim, proper and traditional in her views, but well-loved; good shoulder to cry on.

Panatela = 2nd cousin.

Esplendido's son, never really amounted to much, failed to live up to his father's expectations.


A branch of the family that emigrated at some point in the past, the rest of the family don't see them much and their opinions of them are divided.

research ongoing as to their provenance......

Genios = father/husband

Magicos = mother/wife

Secretos = son/daughter


not very much information at present, but they seem to be very interesting and remarkable based on the small amount uncovered so far.......

Over to you now!

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now you my friend have too much time on your hands

most of the time I don't, believe me!

I'm making the most of some free time at the moment, although I will admit there is a long list of things I need to do that I'm procrastinating on!

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Family dog, along with the glasstop Cohiba

yes, I imagine some people like the NC version (I've never had one); I suppose all fakes could be considered the smelly family mutt you can't wait to get lost in the woods somewhere....

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  • 4 years later...

OK, bear with me...

Lanceros, something of a dapper elder gent, remarries the alluring (but chubby) Robusto in 1989. Following a bit/lot of (soil) fertility treatment they have five children in 1994, Siglos I-V. Siglo VI only released in 2002 so perhaps the obese youngest son who eats too much Seco?

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