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Looks great well done in just 6 months.

The possibilities are never ending.

I like that you have gotten some 10 packs.

Don't be afraid to buy singles to find out what you like.

The problem is there are too many choices.

Great job.

Yeah before I bought my first box I bought a crapload of 3 packs and singles to see if CC's were something that I would want to get started in. At this point I had only ever smoked a siglo I and R&J Cedros #2. i ordered the most popular sticks i kept reading about: monte 2, Mag 46, BPC, JLPC, RandJ SC and so on. Im at the point now where I just want the boxes and even if I dont like them, there are always brothers up for trades and stuff.You are right that there are soooo many choices though. My list changes daily.

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How are the RG panatelas smoking rite now?

I have the same box codes and I can only say: fantastic! 2003 RG Panetelas are quite something :thumbsup:

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I first off would like to thank Trevor. 6 months ago I was a "cuban" noob and looking for a place to score some CC's. I had looked at his website for a bit and decided to email him and he hooked me up with FOH and thus started my CC addiction. Also shouts out to Claus and Brazo who have been gracious BOTL and helped out from time to time. True Gentlemen and very gracious

post-9842-0-05323800-1329971960.jpg Choix Supreme

post-9842-0-71975100-1329971987.jpgPL Montecarlos

post-9842-0-42677700-1329972045.jpg2 boxes 03 RG Panetelas

post-9842-0-33281200-1329972116.jpgnewly arrived 10 pack d4s

post-9842-0-29648900-1329972148.jpgPunch DC

post-9842-0-10113500-1329972180.jpg03 Des Duiex

post-9842-0-73973700-1329972213.jpg10 pack Mag 50

post-9842-0-97662600-1329972256.jpgRASS and a few RASCC

post-9842-0-67279300-1329972311.jpg10 pack Monte 4s

post-9842-0-32908600-1329972347.jpg09 Punch Punch

post-9842-0-37345300-1329972387.jpg VR Unicos

post-9842-0-57478300-1329972418.jpgRA Extra

post-9842-0-03991200-1329972443.jpg50 cab PLPC

post-9842-0-73460600-1329972486.jpg09 HQ Des Duiex

post-9842-0-59461400-1329972584.jpgMix of BRC and Sig IV

post-9842-0-18501000-1329972671.jpg00 HDM DU Maire

post-9842-0-39081900-1329972531.jpgTrini Reyes

If anyone has suggestions on what I need to add to this collection, go ahead and pipe up. I know for sure I am trying to snag some monte 2s, P2s, Parti shorts, and SLR anything since I have yet to try them.

*gasp* :surprised: Lookin' at all those was better than sex!!!

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Dude, if you're trying to grab some discontinued CCs, you've got to go for some:

- Punch Royal Selection 11s and 12s

- Punch Super Selection 1s and 2s

- Bolivar Coronas Extras

Some LEs that are actually worth it would be the Ramon Allones Extras.

But you already have an amazing batch to start with,ENJOY

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Impressive collection. No more noob disctinction with that haul. Here are a couple of my favorites in addition to your inventory:

Bolivar Coronas Gigantes

Cohiba Siglo IV

Partagas Series P #2

H. Upmann Sir Winstons

Enjoy them in good health

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