Prayers for Guy (Laficion).

El Presidente

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May the Lord hold him and strengthen him in this time. I pray that his family is comforted in this time. God Bless you Guy.

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This is terrible news.

Although I have never met Guy, I still feel I kind of know him.

It shows how many pages there are here, as to how he is thought of on this board...and probably others.

If you are passing on messages, please pass on best wishes from all of us.

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NOOOOO - NOT mon ami`! I've just gotten through nearly losing my only smoking partner here at home, my brother-in-law who was rushed to the ER and had to stay there for a whole week and a half with congestive heart failure. Stay well, Guy, you are in our prayers

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Common Guy you can come out from this. Prayers sent for you n Monique.

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Good lord what has happened to Guy!?covereyes.gifconfused.gif

God bless Guy and family during this time and more so selfishly, GOD LET GUY PULL THROUGH as he is IMO the pin that keeps the gears here on FOH together.

Since I been on the forum, around 4 years now, Guy has been like what YODA is to a Jedi (Poor metaphor I know) but my point is that I wish to allay my deepest and sincerest respect to Guy and those reading. The wealth of knowledge and the sheer kindness Guy has given us all at some point or another is immeasurable.buddies.gif

I very much love reading all Guy has posted as generally he also posts pictures and he's always smiling and happy. That's what the essence is and what we should all strive to become, happy and content with our lives and those who we share in it.

Guy, god bless you, please return to us my friend.


Mika and family.

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