I'm abso-freakin-lutely stoked!

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Might be time to trade in the old A model Ford! Better yet, seems a pay raise is in order!

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That's N-I-I-C-C-C-E!!! :2thumbs:

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Awesome car. AWESOME post!!! almost peed myself on this one Warren. Are you again warming up the quintero cigar box banjo for another performance on a cigar review???

I haven't been in a review for a while. Perhaps my banjo solo is to blame. :lookaround:

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Blowing your cigar money on a car?? Shame on you!

(she's a beauty though).

Nah, still got some cash left over. Selling fake Cubans is quite lucrative! :lookaround::whistle::sneaky:

... Looks like no matter where you live a red sporty attracts the FUZZ! (That's 60's jive lingo for you younguns!!!_)

Nice ride matey! Very nice indeed! Cheers... -Piggy

Hell, Yeah! Nothing like a red sports to to attract the man with the badge, the police, the cops, the fuzz, the P-I-..... hey wait minute, where's yours? ^_^

You already gave it a name, just look at the number plate. :spotlight:


That's just my plate, not her name. Gotta think of a good name for her.

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