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What is the capacity of the Mambo Lounge? Last year the entire patio section was packed and I don't think there was much more room left was there? If we are going to be the same number as last year the Mambo Lounge could work but what happens if there is a bigger turn out then last year? I might have a guest tagging along with me this year as well.

Phil, there was about 40 of us on that back deck. So far, we're below that number. I;ll leave this thread open for another week to see what the potential headcount is. Mambo is the first choice, if the attendees exceed the capacity, I'll have to look elsewhere.

I think it would still work. I thought there was still okay room on the patio. And inside was damn near right empty. So, if we just used the patio for smoking, we'd be fine.

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I'm in too. I can help with any setup, rides or whatever is needed.

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I missed last year's event due to family health issues, really sorry it was missed.

Am up for it this year, depends on the date.

Will be on vacation the first two weeks of August so that time is out for me.

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I'm in provided it's a weekend that I'm not out of town. And if it's happening at a location downtown, then I'm good to help out with duties. Any evening works just as well as the other.

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OK folks a bit of an update. Went to the Mambo tonight to talk turkey. :) Saturday July 28 is looking like our date. If we get around 30 people we get the back patio. If we get around 50, we get the whole place to ourselves. They will shut down the entire restaurant for the event.

Pricing will need to be determined. Last year we had a Cuban themed event, obviously. :lol: They Mambo put out all the stops. Mojitos, tapas, roast pig, chicken, and various side dishes. I think all those who made it last year would agree the food was great and "appropriate". So, I'm thinking of going for the same package. I will work with the Mambo on the budget, menu, etc. For those of you that did not attend last year, do a search for "Toronto Megaherf" to see what transpired.

For you out of towners..first off. You guys are awesome to for making the trek. :ok: For you folks, we're going to look into getting hotel accommodation deals. Art has volunteered his skills in this area.

As for the itinerary, look forward to silent auctions, and raffles. We're looking to raise money for the Nicaraguan Children's fund once again. We need to out do those Montreal student freeloaders from the Winterherf. :lookaround: Just kidding, you guys rock! More details to come. There will be of course various cigar prizes available as well as cigar related goodies.

That's all for now. Any questions, PM or post to this thread. More info to follow in the coming weeks.

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i'm all for it, same package, same everything. it was a fantastic event last year

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Awesome, can't wait. Count me in for sure and I will more than likely be a +1. Are there any hotels within walking distance of the Mambo lounge that do not charge an arm and leg?

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will be posting hotel choices shortly. trying to work out a group rate. Will be starting a separate thread for this.

You da man :thumbsup:

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ATTN: NEED INFO ASAP. I need to get a true headcount in order to nail down details and logistics with the venue.

Folks, if you're coming, please send me your name and email address and of those +1's that are not FOH members. My PM inbox is clear so fire away. If your name is NOT on the list below, I do not have an email address for you.

FOH users whose email address I aleady have.











Habanos Hoser










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