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Today was not a good day, it was a MARVELLOUS DAY!

My dream came true as I received a box of Partagas Charlottes from a very nice gentleman who carried it to me from the opposite corner of Europe. How am I able to thank you enough, Sir!

I had to take some photos immediately and shoot some other new cigars as well. This time I didn't use my light-box and the lighting conditions were a bit challenging, but I believe some diversity is quite refreshing every now and then.

So, here's what I just added to the website.

Some new photos to already existing menus:

- Partagas Charlottes

- Partagas Lonsdales

- Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales

Some totally new cigars on the site:

- Bolivar 108 ER 2010

- Diplomaticos No.1

- Por Larranaga Legendarios ER 2012

- Sancho Panza Coronas

I hope you like these new pictures. :)

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Added some new photos to the site.

Totally new cigars are Cohiba Coronas Especiales, Punch Royal Selection No.11 and Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe No.3.

A couple of new photos also of H.Upmann Half Coronas (5-pack) and Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas. I hope you enjoy.

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