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Hello Folks,

Names Brad... IT Professional and Student had my first Habano gifted to me at about 17-18("before the pretty security bands on Cohibas"< which you fine folks already know) having grew up on the east coast all I could say is the business folks I hung out with surely had to means to get a BHK 52 but whether or not it was authentic I couldn't say. Purchased my first premium cigar my 18th birthday and I've been experimenting ever since.

Fast forward about 7 yrs I "found" my first box of Cohiba BHKs 52s box code MES MAY 2011 and now my desire to learn all things Habanos has lead me here as well as a interesting chat with a traveling Aussie I met named Maximiliano a few months back at a shop in Arizona. The pic attached wont amaze most of you but they're dear to me lol.


Pic actually attached..

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Hi Brad,

Welcome to the Friends of Habanos Cuban Cigar Forum.

All new members are encouraged to spend some time familiarising themself with the rules and guidelines of this forum.

Our mantra is Laughter, Friendship, Loyalty, and Fraternity.


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