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One of many favs. :lol3:

I started out years ago smoking the JL #2. Price point was good and the profile fit for an every day smoke.

Lately I have found I prefer the JL #1. I find that the corona gordas offer a good size timewise for me these days.

Also I agree with others that the blend has been ramped up a bit and I like it. :2thumbs:

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I like the No 2's as well. While it might not set the world on fire, it's a good solid, reliable and tasty smoke. Actually I had 3 of them the past few days.

A couple of pics from my mobile...

th_650125502_2012_07_0709.49.48_122_503lo.jpg th_650130969_2012_07_0515.46.48_122_429lo.jpg

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