CONTEST: Guess the cigar, win 3 cigars!

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Hey everyone, a few good things have happened in my life recently. Things going well at work, my wife got a new great job, my son just turned 3 years old today. In celebration of these blessings, i smoked a fantastic cigar, and took a picture of myself doing it. I want to share the happiness with everyone, so i've started a simple contest on my blog.

See the picture below. All you have to do is guess what i'm smoking, then drop a comment on the blog post here and if you are the first person to get it right, the cigars i've put aside for this will be on their way to you! :)

Here is the picture:


P7130105 by aizuddindanian, on Flickr

If you think you know what it is, or just wanna hazard a guess, please do so here

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Hi Aizuddin,

Congratulations on all the great things going on in your life!

I am excited to see the results of your test.

Thank you and best wishes,


Thanks mate! I'm just paying in forward, good comes in, it's only right to make sure good goes out.

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It's unfortunate that members couldn't simply post a guess / comment here - that they have to provide traffic elsewhere....

Par for the course....

I disagree. For me it was quite fortunate. I hadn't been to his blog before, and this contest was my introduction to it. I had a great time exploring the reviews/old posts, and subscribed to the blog. I'm glad to know about it. I'm sure others are in the same boat. Why do you feel this is unfortunate?

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I always think its unfortunate and disrespectful when someone uses FOH to increase the traffic of their own website.

All reviews, write ups, videos can be inserted into a thread here.

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