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Nice photo, it takes some technical know how to take pictures like this.

I much prefer this photo to the one of you in Lycra bike shorts. :lookaround:

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:rotfl::unknown: A momentary lapse of reason, precipitated by a sudden rush of glory to the head. But +1 on the skills our mate Aiz is developing in this latest hobby of his. Have a look at his blog, well-known among FOHers. He has a good "bedside manner", too, for portraiture. We enjoyed our cigars - he had a PLPC from a 2010 cab - as he bustled about with his tripods and brollies and what-all. A pleasant afternoon's companionable conversation - with this as a souvenir. Salud!
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Hi Rehman,

Wonderful photograph! It looks very deep and rich. Thank you for sharing.

It sounds like you and Aizuddin had a very enjoyable time together. It's always fun to hear about BOTL getting together.

Thank you and best wishes,


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Thanks for the kind words, brothers. It fuels my aspirations and heightens my inspiration.

Rehman gives me too much credit. He was a joy to photograph; having spent so much time in the spotlight, he instinctively knew what to do (including exhaling very slowly for this shot!).

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