FOH Photo Comp to the end of the week.

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Wannabe hard-ass.

I can see why Diana jumped in your lap at the Sydney FOH event :rotfl:

Shhhhh boss! :lookaround:

My wife will take my Brisvegas ticket away from me! :covermouth:

Don't worry honey, Di was jumping from a spider :whistle:


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Wasn't going to attach this for fear of looking like a wannabe hard-ass... but it's the only photo I have around of me with a cigar... this is from Australia Day a couple of years back.


Wannabe hard-ass? Nah, wannabe Master lookalike with that rubbish beard! :P


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Drats... all my tools are at the office, and I'm working off an old Win98 crap-box.

But you get the idea, Fuzz.

I *am* the Master, and you will obey me...


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Hills cigar group session at Trevor Leask's place with Ryan, Kam, myself and Ryan's cousin from WA. A great afternoon in the Hills of Sydney!post-22-0-69659700-1346757216.jpg

Dude, nice one! How did I forget *this* :shead:

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Australia day 2012. I can't remember the little cigar, I was all kinds of banged up.

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