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I do, but my storage conditions do not give me the choice.

I live in an area where summer temps normally reach 100F or higher. I run the AC but inside temps are usually in the range from 65 to75. (70-71 usually). But when I leave the house for extended periods of time, the house warms up a few degrees.

With temperatures in that level, I'd rather avoid problems. Everything entering my house, spends a few days in the freezer. I'm pretty anal about my freezing process. Vacuum air, double ziplock freezer bags and a gradual return back to ambient temp. I've never had a wrapper issues or crackage and have never noticed a taste change. I'd argue (and bet) that no else could tell a change either.

All that said, if I could store my cigars guaranteed at 65degress or colder, I'd opt not to freeze. Go figure....

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Yes. Bag, fridge 2 days, freezer 2-4 days, fridge 2 days, unabag, put in store. Conditions in playa demand it. Too hot and too humid. Need AC to being temp down in store and humidifiers to bring the humidity into range. Better safe than sorry.


I am here:,-87.069874

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Where does it say 6 hrs in the freezer in that thread ?? :confused:

If you freeze do it right and leave them for at least 2 days, better yet 4 days in the freezer.

It doesn't say 6 hours. I added 2 hours to the 4 hours with fingers crossed that the extra time would be good.

I don't have any aversion to leaving it in the cold for 2 days, aside from the wife stumbling eventually onto it :ph34r:

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I store my stash in a temp controlled unit thinking I shouldn't have to worry about an outbreak. When putting together a little something for a BOTL I noticed something out of the ordinary in the foot of 1 of the cigars I was sending out. Turned out to be a beetle larvae. :o Could have arrived that way or hatched while in the humi I don't know. Proceeded to freeze everything and ever since then I freeze everything new coming in to be on the safe side. I actually also used the same guidelines from the thread posted by Supr as well...saran wrap cigars and place in zip lock bag, 1 day in fridge, 4 days in freezer, 1 day back in fridge, few hours out and then into the humi. No further issues since.

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