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Interested to hear what your "white whale" cigar(s) are. Don't know if I'll ever get a chance to smoke one of mine but ya never know!

Montecristo Dunhill seleccion suprema No. 2

Partagas Dunhill seleccion No. 150

Davidoff Dom Perignon

Ramon Allones 898

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1492, 1994, Cubatobacco 25th anny, habanos festival

+1 Definitely! :thumbsup:

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Davidoff Dom Perignon and Chateau Latour , Dunhill Cabinetta (tough i heard the RyJ Exhibicon #4 have the same kind of liga the souvenir is too far for i can compare) that i smoked at some diner with my father in my 20's. I'd really like to smoke these again with the palate i have now.

Ramon Allones 8-9-8 Varnished and Coronas. God i miss these cigars.

Saint Luis Rey Coronas. Simply the best corona for me.

And one day The Série du Connaisseur (when the stock will be ended)

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original behike, the oct 07(i think that is the box code) juan lopez, any of the specially rolled cigars for the humidors they auction every year.

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Great question. I've found a few of my "white whales".

I guess what I'd like to try are pre-revolution La Escepcions. Or anything pre-revolution for that matter. Anything from the Cuban Dunhill brand. A 1492 and an original Behike. And somewhat more recent, a 1998 Trinidad Fundadores.

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Hoyo de Monterrey 'Monterrey' (not the 2004 issue)

Sancho Panza 'Dorados'

Maria Guerrero 'Grandes de Espana'

La Gloria Cubana 'Flechas'

El Rey del Mundo 'Dunhill Seleccion No. 98'

El Rey del Mundo 'Elegantes'

Diplomaticos Diplomaticos No. 6 & 7

Everything Don Alfredo

Bolivar 'Palmas'

oh hey.. did I include the Cifuentes 'Altezas Reales'?

I could go on like this... too many to list...

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Partagas D4 Reserva.....given the quality of everyday D4s I say these must have been fantastic.

I know a few people with boxes put down that won't part with them, even for semi-ridiculous amounts of money :-(

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Hoyo de Monterrey "Dublin Horse Show".

These were made until the early 80s for the event suggested by the name.

They were diademas in coffins in dress boxes of 5.

I've only ever seen a partial box of 3 and the owner wasn't parting with them..

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Those days are gone for me. I've smoked my fair share of "rare" cigars, and none are worth the price tags anymore. As long as I have a well blended cigar that break my jaw, I'm happy.

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I have been lucky enough to add my white whales into my collection. But quite a few are still eluding me, these cigars are:

1- Davidoff Don Perignon

2- Dunhill Mojitos

3- Dunhill Cabinettas

4- Edmondo Dante's (both vitolas)

5- any la especion from the 80s

6- early 90s cohibas

8- early 90s montecristo 2s

9- pre 2000 RASS

10- Cohiba Siglo VI (1st production run)

11- Behike 52 (1st production run)

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I've had the chance to smoke some of mine so far. 1492, Dip 7, Cuban Davidoff, 70's Monte Especial (which was awful, for the record).

However, I don't really think in those terms anymore. Enjoying great regular production cigars is enough for me.

Personally think that Especiales taste better fresh

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