Bolivar esp no.2

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They can still be found,but because of being a RE the markup is high for what you get.Good smoke and a great size though.Wish there was more long & skinny RE's.

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Hm yes I've found sme for rather high prices but I'm down to pay for cohiba lanceros, the few extra bucks of these might be worth it seeing as how I'm in love with every bolivar vitola(excluding the bbf never did anything for me). Anyways thanks for help gents.

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They are fantastic. Bought two boxes shortly after they came out but they are now gone. Prices on them now are a bit prohibitive for me with the current exchange rate and the increase they have seen over the last two years. If you don't mind spending the money, grab as many as you can. They can be had from German LCDH's. PM me if you would like more details.

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