The current king of the Piramides?


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Love that the wrapper shade didn't scare you off....  I don't get folks eschewing anything other than a dark wrapper.   "I don't want that. It's not dark enough".   Man, I've had some incredible smoke

Dip 2 all day long..

I find the Dip 2 and the HU2 to be the best of them...although from the blind tasting results, who really knows? I might as well buy whatever’s the cheapest and pull off the bands and say hmmmm...wel

The only cigar I haven't smoked on the list is the Cohiba PE. That said, my top 3 in order would be:

1. VR Unicos

2. Dip2s

3. M2

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Very interesting results... being a relative noobie to this... talk of the M2 being "on"... looks like they are "on" right now from the results. I have not had a M2 that was off yet, but I am only on my 3td box and all are 11 and 12 codes.

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In your opinion and to your taste, what is the best Piramide over the past 2 years (since 2010).

As someone who gets to see and taste a lot of piramides, I will post my thoughts tomorrow. Interested to read your thoughts and see how they match up ok.gif

Anybody know where Rob posted his thoughts?

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P2 for me

Used to be the Monte 2 but they're not as good as they used to be IMO

Had a Cohiba Piramides a while back. Tight draw, when it did burn it wouldn't burn straight and then about halfway down the wrapper came apart.

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Well we're talking about the "king", not necessarily the best. I don't any others being the "king" of the piramides. If the Cohiba PE wasn't in the mix, I'd say Montecristo, although they are not the most consistent.

How can you vote for something that you have not even tried???

The hype machine has ripped your soul out Dan!

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My all time piramide ties between an Upmann No.2 and a Sancho Panza Belicosos (not a piramide but a belicoso, whats in a name?)

Shame to not see the SPB in the list.

Also, been smoking a few of the Cohiba Piramides....... I was blownn away by the quality and taste of such a new/young cigar. I love it. Not cause its Cohiba, it is just a cigar from a whole different level.

Great Poll btw

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Too bad we didn't hook up a couple of weeks ago Dave...innocent.gif I'm doubly bummed about that!

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