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Love that the wrapper shade didn't scare you off....  I don't get folks eschewing anything other than a dark wrapper.   "I don't want that. It's not dark enough".   Man, I've had some incredible smoke

Dip 2 all day long..

I find the Dip 2 and the HU2 to be the best of them...although from the blind tasting results, who really knows? I might as well buy whatever’s the cheapest and pull off the bands and say hmmmm...wel

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I had a box of RA Petit Belicosos (BUT SEP 12) for the uk that were amazing so I got another box to put away. They are the best piramide I have smoked.

Although I am also a fan of Diplomaticos 2 Monte 2 and Upmann 2

I got one of the Habanos Seleccion Piramides (USE BNE 09) & that has a RyJ Piramide in which I can't find boxes of for sale anywhere

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It really all depends on what the quality of the tobacco used to roll said pyramide is like quality-wise. I guess when on, or rolled with the tobaccos intended for that blend, I'd say my favorite is the Dip 2.

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It's hard to find good PSP2'S but man when they're on I love them a lot. Monte 2's can be inconsistent but even then they're pretty damn good. Dip 2's are really fantastic and not produced as much so I like to find them when I can.

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Agreed. I have to say the Dip 2 is certainly one of my favourite cigars. Surprised the Vegas Robeina Unicos doesn't seem to get a mention....a beautiful chocolate bomb!

I just need to find an uninterrupted 80 minutes to fully enjoy at my leisure. Hence I'm now enjoying a H Upmann Half Corona with a small glass of Cointreau Blood Orange Liquier with a ice - a lovely combo

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Just finished up my first Unico, and it was incredible. Only showed some youth in the last bit, but very good for being just under a year old. Better than all but the best of the Montecristo 2s I've had. I definitely need to pick up a box of Unicos now.

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