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Cohiba Genios - MUR JUN 12 - PSP

Price USD$520 includes delivery and ticket in the draw for the Oris Watch

Aussies check the price on the *****AS price list, no discount on LFH stock.

Reply to Post First, Check you were Fastest, Email Di, Tell Di she is Fabulous, She will charge your CC.

Hi Di,

I'll take these.

Will send you an email.



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OK guys I have been through and this is what is left.

Monte No2 - DIC USE 11 - PE - Page 2

Monte No2 - LEM OCT 11 - HQ - Page 2

Monte No4 - BOU ABR 11 - HQ - Page 2

Cohiba Genios - MUR JUN 12 - PSP - Page 4

RAG - POU JUN 12 - HQ - Page 4

H Up Mag 46 - SUB ENE 12 - HQ - Page 4

HDM Des Dieux - RUE JUL 11 - Page 4 - Please note that demiurgic has attempted to claim these but has failed to do it correctly for the second time today so if you want them they are still up for grabs!!!

It doesn't appear the Monte 4s on p. 2 are still available as it says here.

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