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Diplomaticos No.5, EOA DIC07.

Every cigar I have smoked from this box has been excellent. How it is today when I'm very tired and quite pi$$ed off because of rotten-egg-like spirit at work. I certainly hope the cigar gives me a good lift.

Music: Weather Report / I Sing The Body Electric. Drink: Coke.

Cigar weight 6.11g. Very good elastic construction. Colorado wrapper with mild tobacco smell on it. Cutting with Palio. Very good firm draw. Tobacco, ginger and chili in cold draw. Ignition.

1/3 Very nice medium spicy tobacco with few moments of nuttiness. I have difficulties to concentrate on the cigar, just laying on the couch and listening to the music and having a puff every now and then. Some white pepper. Hint of chocolate. Some ginger. Suddenly an authentic taste of fruity champagne - WOW - followed by dark chocolate. Now we're talking!

2/3 Tasty tobacco with some chocolate and some unnailed sparkling flavours. Sweet candy and cream. Toasted tobacco for a while.

3/3 Rich toasted tobacco continues for a long time. Then in the end fried cream. Bonfire. Sweet cream. Fingers on fire......DOH!

Smoking time 0:53. Aftertaste toasted tobacco with sugar, exceptional sweetness - just like I had eaten a candyfloss (don't know if this is the correct word). Fifteen minutes later my mouth was filled with orange flavour, how nice!

Excellent and at least to me a quite exceptional cigar of medium body and flavour. The first half was a rollercoaster of flavours, on the second half the cigar calmed down to a more basic fine tasty cigar. I'm sad I didn't succeed to buy another box before they were sold out. And now they're gone, vanished, disappeared, DISCONTINUED!

Anyhow, the cigar gave me the lift that I was looking for. Now I need only a good sleep.

Thanks for reading.

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You are very fortunate. My box of 08s taste like cardboard. Now my 08 #4s are fantastic. You never can tell. Got them same time, same place.

My experience is just vice a versa. My #4s (-09) are just good cigars, but nothing special. The best thing is that at least some cigars are wonderful. yes.gif

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I love my 08 Diplomatico no. 2. I want to try some no. 4s or 5s.

I like much more of 3 & 4 & 5 than 2, but that's just an opinion...

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