Bolivar Coronas Junior, LAG DIC10

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Bolivar Coronas Junior, LAG DIC10.

Thank God it's Friday!

I smoked my previous one of these about 13 months ago. It was as strong and peppery as a cigar can be. How they have changed and to which direction? We'll see...

Music: White Denim / Workout Holiday. Drink: Coke, again and again.

Cigar weight 7.50g. Firm construction. Colorado wrapper with medium strong tobacco smell, maybe some tea also. Let the scissors do the cutting job. Easy open to medium draw, could be tighter. Spicy tobacco in cold draw. Showing some torch to the cigar.

1/3 Dry tobacco with some cream and woodiness. Strong pepper and citrus. Very light nuttiness also in there. Box pressed format disturbs me a little, I prefer round sticks. The cigar also feels thicker than 42RG, so I measured it and got 43RG as a result. Toasted tobacco with white pepper - dark soil on the very background.

2/3 Velvet-like spiciness with toasted "black" tobacco. I'm very close to say there's some apricot. Got a phone call, that's disturbing! White pepper has mellowed and got "wider". Tobacco is starting to get creamy.

3/3 There's a good flavour with toasted tobacco - I'm thinking hard but can't nail it. It's possibly some kind of a nut or earth or something, anyway it's a "light brown" flavour. Some freshness of green leaves on the background. Some good tar. Cream and citrus. Some cedar. Fingers are warming up once again.

Smoking time 0:56. Strong creamy tobacco as an aftertaste which lasts for a long time.

Very good medium to full cigar. Burning was a little odd sometimes, but not too much to cause any troubles.

Shortly, nice!

Thanks for reading.

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Again, a nice review!

Cool you mention a taste or aroma having a 'color'... really like that!!

Thanks, Michel! thumbsup.gif

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