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Trinidad Reyes, OUS DIC09.

Just another short cigar. After this I have gone through every shorty from my humidor, except HUHC which has already been reviewed here.

Music: Living Colour / Pride. Drink: Coke.

Cigar weight 6.47g. Perfect construction. Colorado wrapper with clean tobacco scent on it. Used Palio for cutting. Medium draw. Cold draw gives tobacco flavour, stronger than usually. Fire.

1/3 Toasted tobacco, ginger and white pepper in perfect balance. Some hay. This is a tasty cigar! The mentioned flavours change their levels a little within the mixture on every puff. Otherwise the cigar would become boring, but this behaviour makes it interesting.

2/3 Some sweet toffee every now and then on the background. Hints of mild herbal aroma. All the flavours above are still swaying nicely with each other.

3/3 The herbal aspect is getting a bit stronger. Toasted tobacco with ginger for a long time, pepper has gone away. Some clove. Mild burning wood. Some citrus-like sharpness. Wood. Leaving the cigar with warm fingers.

Smoking time 0:56. Creamy tobacco as an aftertaste.

Excellent medium complex cigar with medium body and medium to full flavour.

I'd like to say this is somehow a very sophisticated cigar. Trinidad gave its best today!

Thanks for reading.

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Had one from 12 a few nights ago decorating the house for the holidays. I wasn't able to give it my full attention but pretty good. Great review. Will need to smoke another and actually relax with it.

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