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Montecristo No.5, 2006.

Now, wait a minute! There's still one short cigar I almost forgot. The last M5 in my humidor, where it has been suffering for five and half years. This particular cigar was the most shiny and the most dark wrappered CC I have ever seen when I received it. The colour and the gloss have lightened a bit, but it's still quite an attractive little stick. I have thought to age it forever, but hey, cigars are here to be smoked!

Music: Moody Blues / In Search Of The Lost Chord. Drink: Coke.

Cigar weight 6.15g. Hard and solid construction. Maduro and oily wrapper with mild sweet tobacco scent. Somehow I feel a little guilty because I have to cut its head, but no can do, scissors will do the job. Nice firm draw. Clean tobacco and mild ginger as cold flavours. No mercy, fire!

1/3 Smoked tobacco. Very dark flavours. Nuttiness and pepper. Ginger, toffee and pepper on the burning wrapper, very nice. Roasted coffee beans and some toasted hay. The overall feeling is oily and greasy - I'm not surprised because of the wrapper shine. Very tasty cigar! Medium to full body and flavour.

2/3 Spicy heavily toasted tobacco, ginger, pepper and toffee. The oiliness is stunning. Coffee on the background. The style of this cigar reminds me a lot of Partagas Shorts and on the other hand Ramon Allones Extra EL 2011. Full body and flavour.

3/3 Strong black tobacco with pepper. Heavy toastiness. Black coffee beans. Thick cream. Tar. Bonfire.

Smoking time 0:52. Strong tobacco aftertaste and a nice nicotine buzz as a bonus.

Very good strong black cigar.

If every Montecristo #5 was like this I would definitely buy some boxes, but unfortunately they are not.

Thanks for reading.

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