Cohiba Behike 54 (box code unknown)

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My second cigar review. Keeping the Christmas indulgences going on this warm, peaceful Brisbane afternoon.

Cohiba Behike 54. Box code unknown. Vitola size: 5.6x54. Paid $55/single.


Cold observations: Great construction, draw is firm but not annoyingly so. Aroma of milk chocolate and licorice, delicious latte coffee notes on the cold draw.

First third: Light-to-medium opening with creamy vanilla, coffee and chocolate notes dominating. Faint leathery tobacco. Aromas of tea leaves and shortbread in the smoke. Smooth and comforting.

Second third: Very delicate sweet citrus coming through with the body moving ever so slowly towards an even medium. Creamy coffee notes still swirling around.

Final third: Almond-driven nuttiness making its way into the fold. Citrus falling back, a touch more leather coming through. Still very cream and coffee focused, with toasted oak and sweet orangy citrus coming back for an encore in the last couple of puffs

This was highly enjoyable. I feel it's likely that a bit of aging will enhance what is currently a very subtle profile, but even fresh it's everything it needs to be. If you prefer bold, spicy smokes (Partagas etc) this may disappoint you a little, but if you take it for what it is, it's brilliant.



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Thanks! I've only smoked a small number of cigars so I'm afraid it's difficult because I don't have much experience to draw on. I'm aiming to review every new cigar I smoke though, so hopefully my reviews should get better!

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