Goodbye 2012 and Wishing a great 2013 for all FOH members

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Wishing all Members are enjoying this time to reflect on 2012 and hoping that 2013 is a great year for all FOH Members.

Since I am in OZ we just celebrate on any excuse.

So what are members going to be doing for NYE and smoking for this occasion?

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2012 was a tough year - glad to see it be in the rear view mirror!

Wishing all a better 2013 - though for us in the USA - I am doubting it will be better sadly - still hoping you get one step closer to your dreams and ambitions.

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Just launched my first round of fire works with the God kids and family(Best done in someone elses neighborhood) and now waiting for the car to run us into town for a side line view of the fire works and party with mates. Smoking a 1966 and have a Monte Grand in the travel tube. Enjoy your night good people of FOH.

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