My first day @the Gym

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You have inspired my Oz, I got up early this morning and went for a run then came home and have a health shake for breaky.

Ok I may have mislead you all there, when I said run read walk, and when I said health shake read bacon and pancakes.

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No need to rub it in Smithy, we all now you are a Porsche. The rest of us are mere Volks Wagons. biggrin.png

Yesterday I felt like a model T LOL But strangely good at the same time

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Crossfit is great if you know what your doing. NOT recommended for beginners or for people starting again after years off. I have seen some very gnarly injuries due to Cross and X fit.

Not really. My Brother who has never lifted or done any form of exercise, started crossfit and shreded 15kg in the first few months and aside from the general muscle onset a day or two later he's happy with it. It's a very intense workout though

9/10 gnarly injuries are due to poor form and letting the weight or training control you, not the other way round. If they have a good certified trainer (most do) then you should be sweet.

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And that's exactly why you pay top buck for these cross fit classes. I think they have 2 trainers per class of 10 showing you the mechanics and how to correctly lift a comfortable weight.

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Yes, and most new people who train tend to have poor form! It takes a while to understand the mechanics, and put them to use safely, behind a clean and jerk for example. Or a proper hip thrust for a romanian deadlift...

Poor form! or no form !.My job is very demanding and time is non existant,so a couple of times a week for me at this stage is the best I can do ,but I want to take it easy and learn the correct way of doing things.I am in no hurry (well kind of ) I am sure after a couple of months maybe three I will see major improvements

Thank you all for comments,much appreciated

Cheers Steve

P.S Should have done this years ago ,but it's never to late as they say

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