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Favorite recent stuff in my humi:

BCE '07 cab

BPC '09 cab

BRC '11 HQ box

HU Mag 46 '08 cab (some of the best Cubans I've ever had, period)

HdM EE '09 10-count

HdM Epi #2 '12

Party Shorts '10 cab

PSP2T '10 (great now, might just become epic)

RASS '10 dress (never cared for young RASS, but these are amazing! One of the Top 5 cigars I smoked in 2012 was from this box)

Trini Rob T '09 12-count

Trini Rob T '10 12-count

Recent stuff I hope comes around:

BPC '11

BRC '10

CoEspy '08

CoRo '10

Co Sig 1 / 2 / 6 from '12

Co Sig 4 '09

HdM PR '11s

RASS '11 cab

Trini Coloniales '12

Trini Fundy '09

Trini Reyes '12

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Regular smoking well stuff for me is:

Monte Edmundos

Partagas P2

Cohiba Sig VI ( altough at the price they go for, i tend to smoke less of them)

Hoyo Epi 2


H.Upmann half coronas... These little bombs have made an impressive arrival in my humidor... So impressive that I bought a box just before Christmas and it's already gone. Must say that they are oerfect for cold Québec winters!

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LRE DIC 09 PSP2 are consistently great, rich and smooth.

SUB SEP 11 CORO, I burned through a cab already and have a couple more cabs to season. Best I have smoked from 07 and later. These will be gems in a few years.

AGR OCT 10 Trinidad Ts,, they are sublime.

LBT MAR 10 Siglo VI, Great, but still rough, they need some time. However, I don't care too much for young siglos that I have smoked, I have not smoked any 11s or 12s.

MLO FEB 12 HOYO Epi 2, Full and rich, but for me way too young, tannic, and finished rough, but they should turn out very good in some more time. I will try another on their 1 Year birthday and let you know if they are still sick.

LRE NOV 09 BBF(cab), Perfect construct, smells of tabacco and flowers growing in the barnyard, and I even have a cold!!!

I will let you know how these smoke asap.

I also had d4s from a STA OCT 09, and they are all Crap!!! I also had 08s, can't remember code, but not too good.

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POL '11 BBF cab....stunning to look at,dark and oily wrappers.Intense Boli flavours.A rich,full bodied and creamy smoke with spice in the finish.And a grassiness in the final 1/3,a sort of sweet and freshly cut type.And even if I couldn't smoke them I'd light them up just for the aroma alone! :-)

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LRE and POL are magic codes for Partagas, LGC, RA, QdO and Bolivar

The TEB 08 Bolivar Royal Coronas are very, very good now also!
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LRE and POL are magic codes for Partagas, LGC, RA, QdO and Bolivar


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Found a box of BBF with box code LRE NOV09. Might just have to get them now.

I have found a cab of these, same code/month at the bottom of my humi. The smell is so good and rich. I have a cold or would fire one up right now and let you know how they are smoking. As soon as I can, I will and add these to my reports. But I doubt allready you would regret buying a box of these!!

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Went back into a box of smo mar12 PSD4's that I received back before Christmas. They've been acclimating for about five weeks now at 68%/68 degrees. So very good.

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Definitely not Ramone Allones Extra. The first 4 from my box over last six months have been a big let down. It was definitely a hype buy so far. Cigar #1-21 please please prove me wrong as I bought two boxes of your brothers.

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Boli RCs MUR MAY 12 - going through these very quickly as they are special, but I have designated them as my 'go to' stick. I was surprised they'd be so good being so young but when I opened the box it was like stepping into a cow shed. Full of manure and hay. They are very very good.

Parti 898's from ABR11 - discarded the cardboard box and lost the factory code but the two i've smoked so far were beautifully rich and tested my staying power. would recommend not smoking these with scotch as I went too hard on the drink and had trouble keeping from greening out. I think the next one I'll smoke with a bottle of red. I have to thank Ken for the recommendation to try the 898's, his advice was spot on!

Concur. Unsure of my particular box codes, both 2012, but the recent Bolivar RC and Partagas 898 that I've smoked have been surprisingly good for their age.

Bolivar PC, both Cab and Dress Box from 2011/12 need time. Still a little rough around the edges.

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