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Keeping up with the cardio and eating first goal was getting back on my home scale and I'm happy to report that has been achieved. Started at 416 and now 396. Long way to go but happy with the early progress!!

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Scaling Mountains.

Although the feeling of accomplishment is sweetened by the reward of the astonishing view,

it's a ***** to get there.

3 stars

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Doing well so far. Started at 223 lbs or 101.2KG on the 20th and today I was 215lbs or 97.5kg. For me it won't be about total pounds lost but more about BF%. I have been bulking all winter trying to add lean muscle mass so now I am cutting the excess fat off. the 218-223 range put me around 19-20% BF and I am shooting to get down to 9-10% by the end of April. This means I need to lose approximately 2 lbs per week (of just fat while hopefully keeping the muscle).

Its fun to read this thread for motivation! You guys are rocking it! Keep up the good work!

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I been lifting weights for six months but neglected cardio. So last month I decided to add cardio to my workout and diet more strictly. My start weight was 224 pounds and now I'm weighting 205 pounds. I lift weights 4 days a week and do cardio and abdominals on days not lifting. My weight training usually is one hour long, then after that I do cardio for 40 minutes on bike, treadmill, and stair master. I eat clean and been taking lean extreme by driven sports. I'm leaning out and maintains muscle.

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It's been slow for me, I'm eating healthy, I'm running every night but wasn't seeing any progress and was wondering what was going on??? Until the other day I noticed that I can run non stop up hills I couldn't before and I'm running for longer on the flatter stuff.

Just checked the scales and I'm 88.5 and I started at 91.1.

It's not much but it's something and it's ACTUALLY HAPPENING THIS TIME!!!

Some of you boys have a lot more to lose than me (absolutely no offence intended) and more power to ya.

I don't see myself as a front runner for winning a box of cigars but I'm more excited about the prize at the end of a skinnier and healthier me!

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I'm trying to be realistic so I can keep it going at the end of this. If I can keep what I'm doing for the long haul I think for myself I will be better off.

So basically trying to do 40 mins on a rower every day I have off. (Currently do 12 hr shift work plus family and sleep dont leave much left). I want to extend this to 50 mins per day off next week.

Biggest prob I have is I love my Coke (drink lol) so I have just about given it up and have been more restrained in what I have been eating. Fingers crossed it will work for me. :)

Goodluck all

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I think everyone posts anytime during the first week of each month. So next weigh-in is first week of March.

You can do a search of "fat bastard rules". I'm sure Prez will post something up for us to post under.

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Hopefully in another week I'll have reached the 20lbs lost mark. Looks like I'll have to buy myself new jeans at some point smile.png. I think cutting out alcohol and soda has really helped me. Also, haven't had cravings for junk food in over 3 weeks.spotlight.gif

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