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I will be in Vegas in 10 days and am looking for some advice and recommendations. I know about Casa Fuente and Rhumbar, but I'm not sure about which steakhouse or other restaurants to check out. I will be there for 4 days, and can probably splurge on one meal (basically anything other than Joel Robuchon's). Does anyone have any suggestions on restaurants or places to hit up?

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I understand Vegas for what it is now that I've been a couple times. Each resort caters to a specific demographic, and at that resort, you can find exactly what you are looking for. I personally love everything in the Aria resort. MGM made that one very classy and clean.

To add to Art's list, I'd add Carnevino if you want to try something odd. You have to call ahead for the 180 day aged beef. If you want to try - just a piece of advice - don't walk in with any expectations...It doesn't really taste like any dry aged beef from NYC steakhouses.

EDIT: Oh yea, just another piece of advice. Smoke your cigars indoors. All your cigars will explode from the difference in the humidity (inside the cigar and outdoors). I've lost couple 3000's before I realized what was happening.

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The wife and I really enjoyed Maestro's Ocean Club within the shopping center attached to Aria and Todd English's PUB just inside Aria.

I had steak four nights in a row when I was there a few weeks ago for CES and Maestros was the best (we also had seafood which was great as well). Easily beat out Cut and Fogo De Chao plus some crappy one whose name I forgot.

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