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That's disgusting with the cedar still on. How dumb do you have to be to leave that on. Also, how did you light it, since there's usually the ribbon on the end help on with tape.

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This is hilarious. But my question is: shouldn't the cedar burn faster than the tobacco? Maybe it's just a shade due to the camera's flash or some weird marketing strategy by some non-cuban cigar makers (e.g. Those barber pole cigars, is it from CAO? Don't remember for sure).

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Was out at this club in LA on New Years eve and a couple guys started smoking cigars on the patio.....didnt even cut the cap...after a few puffs they realized they were probably doing something wrong when hardly any smoke was coming out so they tossed them smartass.gifsmartass.gifsmartass.gif

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Lol his name is young jeezy and he's one of my favourite rap artists...

Clearly money can't buy you common sense. Although i wouldn't be too sure it's a cedar wrap, if it was I would not anticipate it would burn as perfectly as that at the same level of the cigars ash.

Ah well...

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