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these are all fantastic, this thread just became epic.....

I had gotten a job as a bartender; I ran the cocktail bar in the corner. On a busy night I could make 30 drinks at a time while a HdM Double Corona would hang from my mouth. When my boss caught me he insisted I put the cigar out.

So I quit.

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Some stronger sticks give me the runs...I can't be alone in this, can I? Cigar has to be some kind of diuretic.

Alright.....You're grounded from the internet for 2 days! Go to your room!

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I remember saying to friends that I will never ever smoke cuban cigars. NC's have everything I could ever want. I had one Monte 2 and the rest was history. Every now and then they call me in that. I claim being drunk whem I said that.

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When I started out last summer I thought building your wineador was as easy as putting some kitty litter and throwing cigars in. Since my room temperature was in the 90's the fan was running 24/7 and the RH was reading in the 50's. I thought the KL wasn't working and soaked it with distilled water like a bowl of cereal. Luckily I was able to save the cigars before they exploded or caused any permanent damage.

I smoke CC's in my b&m all the time, but I remove the bands. When the guy next to me asks me what I'm smoking, I just say the brand and they automatically assume I'm smoking the NC brand. innocent.gif

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I have a few bad ones

One time I sit onto a a Dunhill Cabinetta I was about to smoke. That was a damn shame, I still tried to smoke it but it was cracked badly. I almost cried. My wallet sobbed for days.

When I first started smoking awhile back, I kept a few cc's and NCs inside an empty cigar box and for humidity I would dip a cigar in water and then put it in the box. I have no idea why I did that...

I once smoked a 26" custom rolled cigar all by myself... And I felt a little sick and lightheaded after words

About 3 yrs back i bought a box of psd4s while abroad in a tobacco shop. Had them in a bag and was walking around. Left them in a bathroom and when I realized it later they had been taken already. This was such a sad day. Those were 06 s too with good age and nice sheen. I will forever protect my cigars by guarded force and peticular care and watchful eyes.

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Good grief man! Casa I assume? Were you high?

Get out of here, you're still grounded from the internet! Scat!!!!!

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HAHAHHA I did this and never actually got around to trying any of them, they've just been sitting there for years. Were they any good? I'm kinda curious now...

Loved the nubs when they first came out, fizzled out. Flavor-wise was great. I will smoke them and take them for what it's worth without drawing comparisons. It's like food. I've tried many different kinds but still love to eat spam and eggs which I grew up eating in Hawaii.

I haven't tried them yet, gonna let them sit. I needed a change of pace without any remorse if I had to chuck it so that's why I bought them.

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I once clipped a Cohiba esplendido in half to share with a cigar smoking buddy...

This one is classic. My old boss only smoked NC Punch Churchills. He liked the flavors and only bought that size because anytime he did not have time for a full churchill he could always just chop it in half! Odd man.

My first cigars were all Opus X as I was a brash college student and wanted to "smoke the best" My local B&M had em at MSRP so they were affordable. I think that first summer I threw up at least three times after golfing in 90 degree heat, carrying my bag for 18 holes, smoking an opus and a few beers all on an empty stomach! Go me.

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