Deliverance in Pinar del Rio

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Just back from the festival on Tuesday, not entirely happy with the goings-on in Havana but that's another story.

Rob Fox and I were very lucky to get an invitation out to Hector Luis Prieto's farm, with huge help from Punch Joe, where we ended up staying for a couple of days working, by "working" I mean breaking more leaves than we picked and ploughing up rows of his neighbours crop when we were supposed to be going between them..

As luck would have it, it was the time to pick the "Libre de Pied" leaves, second group from the bottom of the plant, so not easy on the back.

We learnt an enormous amount from Hector, more on that to come.

With the huge hospitality we were shown by all the people out there and the laughs we had, it was one of the best times of my life.

By the way, the music track is purely poking fun at the ineptitude of Rob and me not at all at the location. One of the nicest places and kindest people in the World.

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Andy, that's a great story! I was at Hector's farm in November, and can attest to the beautiful nature of all there! Some of my fondest memories was moments spent there. :D

Great to see my Hermano, Jose !

Good to see Foxy as well. He made me laugh loud and often!

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Great video Andy

All this is still on my wish list LOL

Thanks for sharing


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Hey Andy - you guys get any of those big green & black tobacco worms on you? Big, giant, mutant caterpillar-looking creatures from hell. They sure do LOVE to eat leaves when they're at their prime.

They do make a lovely multi-coloured splat when you throw them on the ground though. :covermouth:;):D

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As the rain comes down, the scenes of Cuba seem even more appealing!

That's a proper trip to Cuba, a long way from Varedero.

Enjoy reading you stuff, as I always enjoy Jose's. Cheers.

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