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It's been a while, so you'll have to bear with me......

To my best recollection they tended to be relatively light. Not really sweet - if anything a touch on the herbal side, but not bitter in any way. Personally, I don't find them aesthetically pleasing, but nor do I dark / leathery......

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The candela wrapper retains its green color due to higher temperature cooking, which preserves its chlorophyll. You can look that part up probably everywhere on the internet. However, what isn't discussed is that the candela could be used well or abused, of which I'll give a couple examples later. The interesting part of the candela theory was that since the chlorophyll was preserved, the sugars from the photosynthesis were more intact, and not used up in the long fermentation like the other processes. This was why the candela tasted rather bitter, tasteless, but sweet (think hurried/overcooked maduro process). Now I'm not a biologist so I can't confirm that residual sugars theory, but that's what candela tastes like.

Candela doesn't require a long curing time like the regular wrappers. These are cook hot and fast. A cigar company's dream as long as demand is there. Being cooked very hot, arguably, there is almost no soul (taste) left in the leaf. Thus companies would cook young leaves and mature, because the taste was rather indistinguishable.

If much older members could attest, candela was historically abused in the US during the swinging 60's when the demand for cigars was high. It gave a bad image to the candela. But used correctly, it can yield a surprisingly decent cigar.

If you have a chance, go give a fresh Illusione 888 Candela a try. I think this production was not a gimmick, nor was it hurried. It's actually pretty decent. Caveat that I do not find aged candela's to be as good as fresh. Then again, I don't find any aged NC's to be good as fresh. Then again, I don't find any NC's to be good at all. waving.gif

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Meh, I have a cab of older Des Dieux that are just as green and NOT DYED JUST LIKE THESE ARE NOT DYED.

Better? LOL

The ones you traded me pod.gif

lol all playing around, I only had one and it was fine, waiting on the other one to change color to colorado or something .... jester.gif

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I tried a candela green cigar years ago just to see what the appeal is to some people. Yeah - if you like weak and flavorless.

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  • 2 months later...

I had the Illusione candela this past St. Patrick's Day during an afternoon party. Was pretty light but for the price, around $6 or so, it wasn't a bad cigar

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