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Hello, FOH,

First of all I'd like to know if it's possible to talk about humidor sources. If not I ask to the moderators to delete this topic.

My problem is simple: I need to go bigger shead.gif but I live in Brazil and here it is not easy to find good humidors.

Said that is there a place you trust to recommend?

I already had a bad experience with Cheap Humidors and Aristocrat is expensive to me.

At this moment I guess I need a 40-50 boxes humidor.

There are 11 boxes in there way to me and they are totally homeless covereyes.gif

Just to let you know the boxes are:

  • 1 Cohiba Magicos;
  • 1 MC 2;
  • 1 Cuaba Piramides 2008;
  • 1 Vegueros Esp 2;
  • 2 PSP2 (10);
  • 1 Boli PC;
  • 1 Rafael Gonzales PC;
  • 1 520
  • 2 RA Canada Gordito.

Thank you


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I'd go with the a 150 qt marine cooler if its available to you. That's what I'm currently using along with a couple smaller 48 qt's and they're working out just fine.

Good luck to ya in your search! And nice choices with regards to the sticks en route as well.

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I will agree with others that if appearence isn't a concern then igloo/coleman/marine style coolers (meant for use with ice) are a great solution.

If however you are living in a house like mine where my wife doesn't care about my cigar buying but does care about a big white "tub" being around then a mini-fridge (unplugged), wine cooler, mini or upright freezer (unplugged) works great. Lined with the wood from old boxes is even better.

Lastly use "cigar beads" as your humidification source on any of these and you will be happy.

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Coolers are the quickest and easiest large column humidor a you can get. There is plenty of good info on the boards here on how to prep and humidify a cooler

Good luck and enjoy


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