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A number of the Czar crew were able to meet up in Phoenix for great conversation and a few good cigars. From left to right:

orangedog, maverickdrinker, jacktarnold, Orion, and SurpriseMVP


As is typical for a HERF, I smoked all cigars that were gifted or traded...

From SurpriseMVP - a nice Boli with great burn and traditional flavors, although it fell short of the 2006.


From a BOTL on another board - reminded me of a less pungent version of the Boli 109 German RE - pretty enjoyable:


And from maverickdrinker, a 2010 Monte 2 which screamed baker's chocolate:


If anyone else would like to post their cigars, feel free. There was one Headly Grange that was smoked for about half an inch before becoming ashtray decoration.

Also, we got in right before the Rocky Patel event. Believe me when I say we were ecstatic and all stocked up prior to calling it a night.

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Cool Pics...I knew Art was short but damn you guys make him look like a midget!!

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It was a great time with these guys. I don't know what's in the water, but like Art I didn't get any of it. Also, if my phone hadn't died I would have been able to post my smokes. A fantastic Sig VI from Marker and a MGE which was blah up to the last half of the cigar. It then turned into a 96 pointer.

We need to do it again soon!

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This was a great time. Can't wait to do it again. Thought I took a picture but started with a Santos Laguito #2.

Then this 520 given to me by Aaron (Orion)


Then after the herf in the next couple days enjoyed the generosity of everyone there and had this Monte 1 from Matt (orangedog)


BHK54 from Art (maverickdrinker)


Then when I got home a Siglo IV and Dip 4 from Mike (SurpriseMVP)


Great guys. Really enjoyed myself.

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Very nice summary and pics, thanks for sharing. I've got a half box left of Boli Corona Gigantes from 2003 and they are really nice smokes. I'll have to see if I can find some from 2006.

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